Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Few more Dreams

Few months ago I had a dream, where I was swimming effortlessly with my son on the top of water (normally your feet sing when you sink unless you are good swimmer) , there was water in clean lake with cliff.
Then, I saw myself standing on a swimming pool in my home (not the present one) I could feel water depressed under my feet and thinking how I am standing due to surface tension of water.
Next morning there were several mattress floating on the water and when my elder sister was trying to walk before I could warn her she sank inside water after putting feet on the mattress and I was helping her to bring out of the water.

Another dream I saw Dr NC Borah our present Chairman of GNRC Hospital Guwahati and my younger brother living in a isolated house. He was tall and senior, we were sitting in a chair in open ground, he was in the middle and I was on the right and my brother left. A saint wearing saffron dress came in weal chair and started blessing all of us in the center of head from left to right. When he touched my head I could feel the nail prick but not energy flowing like last time when on Muslim saint initiated me in Sri Lanka. We soon realised that he was Jesus Christ in Indian Saint dress.

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  1. Very interesting dream Dr.Deb. If you dont mind, could you describe how the saint in saffron dress looked, appearance-wise ? Our family Guru wore saffron dress and was confined to wheelchair during the last few years of incarnation.. Hence I am curious.