Monday, June 29, 2009

Pain in abdomen traced to previous birth

"A 20years old girl presented with recurrent severe abdominal pain labelled as psychogenic and ridiculed. When no cause for pain was found she was hypnotised to found she was bruitally stabbed in the abdomen in her previous birth exerienceing similar pain, and relief of symptom thereafter"

Ms RLB 20years female was admitted in hospital with severe recurrent pain in left lower abdomen colicky in nature and lasting for 5-10 min, radiating from loin to groin for last 7 months. She was admitted in several hospitals and treated initially as renal colic but later admitted under psychiatrist care.Physical examination was normal except thoracolumbar scoliosis, which was confirmed in X-Ray spine. Intra venous pyelography (IVP), Urine examination, Ultrasound abdomen and MRI spine were normal.
She was referred to me by a Neurosurgeon and diagnosed as "Somatoform Pain disorder"
All her medications were stopped and treated with placebo during pain with transient relief.
Due to persistence of pain it was planed to start Hypnotic regression to explore her childhood for any traumatic events.

Hypnotic Session

On the day one of trial hypnotic session she saw a dense forest, long trees and a beautiful waterfall. She was 13 years old girl, wearing blue pant and brown shirt.
Suddenly she became tense and told “ I am waking through a road, someone is chasing me. There is a big road and buildings both sides. He is still behind me.”
“I am walking through the road. One van is coming. There are people they want to harass me. They are thugs. I am going but van has stopped. One black man with belly is standing on the roadside with hat. He wants money from me they caught me. I don’t know what they want, they are asking money”
She was in distress, and I had to go to see patients hence the procedure was terminated.

Second day immediately after inducing trance she started floating in soft white cloud. She visualized Lord Krishna, Swamy Vivekanand. She started flexing her leg and told she has come inside her mother’s womb. After birth she recapitulated her childhood as lone girl. She was not happy during her adolescence, staying at home, but happy at school with her friends.

Day three she witnessed her tragic life in Varanasi India as a princess in 500 BC. “My father was king Brahmadatta. I was wicked, greedy for money, wanted jewelry. But I helped poor with money. Mahamantri (Priminister) used to steal things for me. I had one brother. I died at 16 Mahamantri poisoned me because he wanted money.

Next day she explored details of Varanasi life and after.

Fifth day immediately after induction she went up. “ Going up cannot stop, There is white ring, - White bright, Gods are there, Going up – Krishna is there he loves animal

“I am 21 engaged my parents are English they lived in India for long time and now in Sri Lanka. I am going through a forest they are chasing me caught me and trying to kill me they have killed me.” Her abdominal pain reappeared and she was in similar distress.
“I am going up he has got me killed for money, I never wanted to marry him he is a bad person, they have hit on my back and chest”

After the session she felt relaxed. I told her the story of killing and went to OP till 7.30pm
Came back from op mother was waiting, and after telling the story, she told that RLB was born with large birthmark over the left side of lower abdomen and left scapular region. Mother was very worried that she would never able to wear sari. Slowly it has faded away.
Her pain was exactly what she experienced in the back, chest and abdomen due to beating and stabbing.

Sixth day was revisiting her last life and witnessing death. “Smith my father and Mother Sarswati Indian he came to India in ship in 1930. I took birth in India 1961 and came to Srilanka after mother’s death during my brother’s birth. Mother is my mother of Varanasi she is in higher plane. Brother is Roger Bob Smith he was my younger brother’s son in Varanasi. “
“ He is bad man Fromen after me , I go to Buddhist temple, Father is in Hantana in Bungalow, I go to Hantana Hotel I study in Colombo University. Studied in Girls high school Kandy”
“A man chasing me he was also there in Varanasi, he poisoned me, I stay in Kadawatha,
He killed me because I did not want to marry him and like to go to Buddhist temple”

Her symptoms were totally relieved following the session. It was not only relief of her symptom but what she taught during theses sessions were more interesting.

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