Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Communicating with brain dead patient.

Mrs Jan was a 31 years old admitted with stroke and became brain dead. Her brother asked “1. If she is brain dead where is the soul, is it inside body or outside ?, 2 If soul is inside body why are we troubling it when there is no chance of recovery. 3 If soul is outside body, then she is dead, why are we supporting her body?
I had no answer to his spiritual quarries, when Ms BLS my previous patient who could be hypnotized easily and see beyond came for rescue. BLS was known to Jan and was sad due to her illness.
On hypnotizing her she went up and saw white light. Then came down and saw. “She is there outside her body. Can you talk to her, talk to her and find out what she wants? Her karma is loosing down. Why did she suffer? Can you go to her past? She is sorry.. For what? Don’t know. She is there out side, she is loosing her karma. She wants to come back. I also want to come. Where? To her life, but she looses further she wants to come back.
What shall we do? Her karma is getting less we should develop karma.
How shall we improve karma? By good things, like giving, but her only brain is partially damaged, other parts are strong now also.
Do you think her relatives should do something to improve karma? She needs that very much. How should they do? By helping other patients, kind of similar possible.
She is happy yes. Why? Because she could know that everybody loves her, all her sad mood has gone. I also feel happy.
Ask her what she wants from her brother and sister? She is happy mood, I also feel happy. She again wants to come back she does not want to leave.

After the session family gathered and decided to help poor patients. They went to general hospital and donated 1000 Rs to 500 poor patients and went to children hospital and donated same amount to another 250 patients.
Next morning they went to slaughter house to rescue animals (15) which were looking at them and send them to their farm house.

Next evening BLS came back and hypnotized “ Were you? Going up ? yes, brighter and brighter, I feel good, I am floating, I don’t feel weight, feel good.
Krishna is there. Can you come to the ICU? Can you see Mrs. Jan? She is sick, very sick, but she is there, she is outside. She is happy, she is suffering but she is outside, she loves everyone, she is shining.
Is she happy about what her brother did? Yes she is shining. How long her body has to suffer? She is getting worse now, but she is not getting pain, body is suffering, she is looking at everyone.
Can she see her children? Yes but now she is looking her body. What is her shape? Now she is shining flame, but now it is not very thick, transparent but shines, she is happy, she is…….
Can she leave her body and meat her husband and children? Yes, but she wants to stay there; she can’t move it is impossible, she is very happy.
She wants to give any message to brother? She is very happy she loves all, she is very happy, around her is very bright, she is developing her karma, because people praises her. People want to be her in a good plane. She is bright yellow, she is very happy.
I am going up, she is happy, also moving with, can’t take her.

Third session: “She is very happy, she got lots of merits, and she is glowing like a star. She could move now, she is very happy, she will take another birth.
Where? I don’t know she would go soon. Can you see where is she going to take birth? Still can’t find. She is glowing she looks nice. Is she still attached to the body? No she is outside watching. How long she wants us to continue ventilation? She is very worried about her husband and kids, but she is happy. She hopes that every one should care, she believe them. Does she want still to continue support for her body? She is about to take birth after collecting all merits. She will go away. Any particular time she wants to discontinue the ventilator? No, she does not know what the time is. Anything else she wants to tell? She could read every body's mind.”

After her death they took the body home and to their surprise the two kids who had no idea of seriousness of their mother’s problem, told "we knew she is with God". Family was very happy to communicate with her soul and helping her transmigration.

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