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Messages from Jesus Christ

September- December 2004 at Sri Lanka

This is an interesting case of a young girl who came with severe headache not relieved by any treatment. She became messenger and communicated divine mission!!

Clinical History
Ms Ano was a 25years tall thin girl working in as Event manager. On admission on 24th August she had severe headache, vomiting and fear with hyperventilation and alteration of consciousness.
She was admitted in a private hospital for 2 days for attack of intense fear and hyperventilation. She was treated by psychiatrist but discharged without relief.
Physical and neurological examination was normal except she was disturbed with headache and not able to concentrate for examination.
MRI brain, biochemical and hematological investigation were within normal limits.
Diagnosis of Psychogenic headache was made.
First two days in the ward she could not relax to suggestion and was on heavy dose of sedative and analgesic to treat symptomatically.

First Relaxation session August 28th

She went quickly into trance and saw her office. Initially she was supported by her manager but later he started abusing her. Ran was also working in the same company and was Buddhist. He became friendly and started protecting her from her manager. They started dating without consent from parents.
Ran got a job in Bangladesh 1 year ago. She was sad and started communicating with him on email.
Ash joined company later and was catholic, became her new friend. Her parents approved this relationship. But Ash was not like Ran, he did not care for her. He was more interested in his work. She was getting pressure from parents to get married to the point where she could not handle and developed dissociative symptoms.

After explaining the problem to the parents she was discharged with pain relief.
Relaxation sessions were continued as out patient.

31st August

She could go into deep relaxation and went to her childhood. Saw her at age 4 praying. She went to the room and watched her room. Saw the death of her grand mother and grand father.
Some one was staring at her but could not see the details.

2nd September Relaxation session
"Scared in the dark two people are pulling me. Trying to move left hand, Can’t see their face."
I was not sure who was pulling her hands but she had severe pain in the shoulder after the session.
Next day she could recognize them as Ran and Ash her two friends. She was feeling better after session and wanted to continue.

Relaxation on September 4th
Who is there?
"Some body is pulling my hands, (crying and moving hands from side to side) Right side is Ran and Left is Ash they are saying come to there side."
"Some one is looking from the front. There is light from all over his body. He is getting closure. He is rubbing my two shoulders. He is saying something. He is saying something not clear. Can’t see him clearly. He is whispering something to my ear."

"He said not to be scared, everything will be alright. He is saying that he has already sent one person to help me. Trust in that person. He went, still can hear his voice. He said don’t feel lonely he will be helping and always there. Trust on a that person. He said to reach out to someone to hold your hand."
Can you ask who that person is? "But there is no body. , there is no body. He says reach out he is there. He says he is a person with knowledge. Who helps many others like me? He says to reach out that person he will help me. He says I know him but I don’t remember."
"He is saying he is tall and you know him. He is gifted. More than he knows. Tell him, be humble. That he is the person who has saved many others. He said this is a message and have faith. He says reach out he is there."
I held Ano's hand, "He is smiling. He says to open eyes."

We were very happy after the session and I thought he must be her guardian angel.

She did not remember anything after the session. I mailed her details of the session.

Relaxation 9th September

What is going on?
"They are pulling crying and moving hand and head from side to side." Have they gone?
"They are still there. Crying and keeping hand on the right shoulder.They are not there."

Who is there? " Some person wearing white gown cannot see the face there is light all over his body he is coming closure. He touched my face he is saying something."
"He is saying something it is not clear. I told him I cannot hear clear. He says don’t listen with ear listen with heart. He says with ear you listen, things you want to. Most people hear from there ear you should hear from your heart."
"He is saying something again. He is asking me whether I remember what he told me last time. But he says what he told me that day. He says I believe from heart, But he is talking about a person. He is talking about someone. He said if I feel scared I should know whom to tell. He says he is there. No body knows other than him."
"He say it will be a difficult period I should go through it after that there will be no regrets, and I should learn thing I have never learned in school. He is asking whether I know that person. But I don’t know, he is scolding. He is bit harsh. He says person he has sent is near. He says he wants to say something."
"He is saying there is possibility of me becoming sick again, but that person will be here. Know and tell him to do what ever is necessary. He is asking is that person. Tell him yes he remember every thing" " That person is gifted and has a vast knowledge. That person is very valuable and important. He will be a true example that all men will be look up to him."
"He is praising that person he said me to tell that person thank you and he will be blessed abundantly where ever he goes there will be light and nothing will harm and he is covered with great strength that no body can touch him. To believe on that person and he will always be there for me and reach out for help, he will be there. "
"He says till I believe with my whole heart that I will see what I feel from my heart I will not recover. Tell that person to remember what I said this is favor he is asking and strengthen me and for anything I need he will help me. I will be able to take my decision on my own after sometime."
"He will be there always for me. He is three in one person. I asked him what is that mean. He did not say any thing. He says just to think again. Not to ask without thinking. He is representative of strong force he will be with me and that he is asking what is one in three. He is scolding me. "
"He says all human are not same, all are not gifted with something 1. He helps people 2 he treats all as child and loves them and is concerned and understands them. 3 he is person who all can call friend. He is a helper father and friend indeed"
"He is asking to remember what he said. And when I feel sick reach him for help."

"He said you heart should be warm like your hand. He says He will give next message some other time. To trust on him and he will be always Be my guardian he is asking to pray."

"He says there are two guardian angels I have one from birth and other (Dr Deb) who is helping me. He says to remember second guardian for blessing. He says Next message soon be delivered."

"He will tell next time why he chose (Dr Deb) to help others, he says thank you again he smiled and gave kiss on my head and ask to remember that person, not have any fear he will always be there He is not there he smiled and went."

11th September Relaxation
Today I wanted to make her sit to record the session, however after closing eyes she started telling she was pulled by two and then HE started talking through her. HE wanted to know why I made her sit and not lying down.

HE asked her to remove the pillow which she was holding and then instructed to go up the bed with eye closed. Then he asked me whether I remember what he told and asked me to concentrate from heart not from ear and not to write but listen. He told me how I was troubled when I was entering medical school and how he changed the age bar from October to December to become eligible to give premedical test. HE wanted me to become doctor and come to take care of Ano in Sri Lanka
HE told that Ano is doing regular prayer for everybody in the morning and he told what prayer she is doing for me my wife and son. HE asked me not to tell everything to Ano and especially about her illness that she would again fall sick and has to come to the hospital for 5 days she should not be with anyone HE will be there with her and will take care of her. On 3rd day I will be there at night and then one day she can stay and go back on 5th day. This should be only told to his brother.

HE also told that one day both of us will become great doctor and many patients will be benefited.

HE loves Ano and asked me to take care of her. Not to hurt her and told that she was sad when I told that she is telling me that I have messed her life. She was not looked after by parents and she was missing father who was working out in UAE. Mother has fed her for 2 weeks due to bronchial asthma. She was week since childhood.

HE said that my wife is very good at heart and asked to introduce to Ano. Ano was very surprised to see me wife and keep on telling everyone that she is very beautiful.

Night of Messages 13th September

Today morning Ano came and she was not looking well. I asked her how was she. She said "I am not supposed to tell you". She was not in full sense someone was telling her in her ear.

After relaxation I was waiting for HIM to talk. HE asked me "Dr Deb - are you ready? I am waiting for you to ask.
He told me what happened in the home of Ano on Sunday when HE appeared in front of Ano and seeing HIM she fainted then HE spoke through her to her parents. HE asked why his cross was not clean and why HIS Mother’s photograph has cobweb. HE told to remove cobweb from HIS holy Cross and keep HIS Mother respectfully. She was tired after seeing him.

"She will be sick again and will get admitted with headache and pain. HE told me to admit for 5 days and keep her alone for first two days when HE will be there with him. On 3rd day I should spend whole night with her. On fourth day she should be alone. HE will look after her during day and night and not to allow any one to stay with her."
HE told me how HE helped me to get into medical college when I was falling short of 1 month to become 17year age limit for Pre Medical test. That year miraculously there was change in the rule and last date of age limit changed from October to December.

At 1am I got a call that Ano’s father that she had severe headache. They came rushing to the hospital and got admitted.

I took her directly to a room and on relaxing her, HE alerted me about her more suffering during which I have to take care, to stay on 3rd day with her and two day leave her alone. He called father who was standing outside and communicated the same.

I was instructed to give injection for pain and sleep which she would refuse but would take on insisting.
After session she had headache and she was given Tramedol and Diazepam and went to sleep.

14th September

When I went to see her in the morning. HE conveyed me how she fell down from bed twice seeing HIM and had nose bleed. She will go through headache memory loss and pain in the spine but she will be alright.
On 13th night parents were awake and praying when they saw nodding face of Jesus changing to Ano. They were aslo advised to bring rosary and cross for Ano.

HE wanted to make her like mountain so nobody can shake her, she has to undergo pain to relieve the burden of sin of parents. She would get messages from Mother Marry in October.

In the evening she was very scared, HE requested me to stay with her at night and promised that I would be fresh next morning. I was asked to go home , get cleaned, meditate and come back. Due to some operational problem she was shifted to my home taking consent from the parents. She slept comfortably at home. We decided to sleep at 1.30am, she got up and HE told “No no this is not the time to sleep you will get message”.

HE told my wife is very pretty and her eyes are like HIS mother her heart is like her face, she is blessed and there is another person at home (my mother in law) she is also blessed. HE told her name starts from T and it stand for Trinity that means holy light, son and Father in Catholic religion.
HE told me that I was chosen to become doctor in child hood and prepared to come here for this day. HE told both of us will shine and she will be example to others and she is holding the family she is very kind hearted and shall give more to people.

HE asked me how I think different from others. I explained how I feel not only treating body but soul too. HE explained why I was chosen and blessed. "You do not know your potential. HE said to go ahead what I feel is right people may laugh and criticized now but will follow you later."
"When HE stepped into my house he found it was blessed and there was no evil energy. HE advised me to do ritual according to our religion to prevent any bad energy to entering."
"HE spoke about my mother and how she prays for all of her children. Because of her blessing only we are like this today. HE said my father is with him and looking at us. HE also spoke about my son and told that he has some exam he will do well and shine our name ask him to have faith and told he is missing us to call today."
HE asked me to ask any question. I was not sure what to ask, then HE told me to ask whatever comes first in my heart.

Q1. Why people fight for religion, and say that is the only way of practice?
Ans: God is one and no religion teaches to fight and wrong things it is people what they interpret. Buddhism is not religion it is way of life or philosophy. Sine lord Buddha led a good life as price he taught how to lead life. He told in Hinduism there are several god and same in Catholics.
Q2. Why there is terrorism?
Ans: Wicked people and evil force are responsible. (Terrorism is war between to evil force and both looses, Holy war is between good and bad and good wins.)Q3 when the soul starts or takes birth?
Ans: It is difficult to comprehend by human brain but it is long back. Read Job 13 in Bible.

Q4. Is there rebirth in Christianity?
Ans. Reincarnation in Buddhism and Hinduism was explained. Then HE told Christian reincarnate in MY Kingdom.

He thanked me since it was first time she was happy and smiling.

15th September

Next morning her parents came and took her to the ward. I was sleepy , when I went to hospital at 8.30am mother of a doctor who was suffering from cancer breast and had surgery done was waiting for Reiki.
I was expecting to sleep while giving Reiki. As soon as I closed my eyes a strong light came from a triangle 7-8 feet above my eyes . Below this triangle in a black background within a oval shaped light I saw rapidly changing images of Hindu gods and goddesses. Below them I saw faces of saints of different religion rotating fast without oval circle of light around them. On the left side there was golden OM moving in the sky and right side Golden Cross. I saw various celestial patterns. My sleep and tiredness vanished.
Ano was discharged that night and went home with relief of her symptom.

Divine Dreams of Ano (mails, October)
After messages from Lord Jesus Christ, I was excited and spiritual blessings started pouring in my life. It was very hard to believe anyone my experiences, since I was not born a Christian or Baptized.
Ano was going to work and happy, she was sending several mails every day, most of them were about some divine messages. She also had succession of divine dreams filled with messages. I have edited the mails to make them short without loosing the connotation.

Dream 1: October 2ndth 2004 : Lord Smiling

Ano saw during prayer the statue of Jesus suddenly changed and smiling at her. This had happened so many times before also but she could not believe. When she went to the hall and picked a bible verse this is what it said "Praise and sing to the Lord and tell all about his wonderful acts".

Dream 2: October 3rd 2004

Ano saw Jesus coming to her room, looking at her and went, once he had left there was prayer on her table with his picture. Ano she could not describe the image and did not remember the prayer.

Dream 3: October 5th 2004

She was crying in a dark place when Mother Mary appeared, she said she knows why she was crying and SHE said that SHE understands how Ano feels. Ano was thinking of a person who was very close to her heart and was feeling sad.
Mother Mary said "To leave everything to her son (Jesus) that he will take care of that person and for me to pray the way I use to do. She said that everything will be done according to God's will and for me to have faith. Mother Mary said that she knows how much this person means to me because she said that she sees the gratitude that I have for this person. Another thing she said not get hurt for the slightest thing because Lord doesn't want to see his child sad. She said that my prayers will be answered and to have faith, every good thing that I wish for this person during my prayers God has accepted she said. At last she said "Pray everyday child because you can make a difference". Those words really touched her heart and she got up at 2am and prayed for about 15 minutes and I went sleep again.

Dream 4: October 7th 2004

Ano could not understand this dream where she was walking with a person along a path, she could not see his face, but he was tall, well dressed and very calm. He was holding her close to him and she was keeping her hand around his waist while talking.

Then they stopped walking, and she saw in front another long road. He looked at her and smiled. He took his hand away and he left her there and went on his way. Ano started crying telling him not to leave her alone because she was feeling scared, he came back and touched her cheek and said "do not fear".

Ano didn't move she was crying so hard, then suddenly Mother Mary appeared SHE came close to Ano and said "stop crying remember I told you that my son doesn't want to see his child with tears" she hold her close and was hugging her , SHE wiped Ano’s tears and kissed her forehead and said "don't cry you have not been abandoned, he will come back pray for him and wish him good. Though he's not there don't think that he has forgotten you, he's always thinking of you and will always look after you, though you don't see these things he will be there when you need him most." SHE continued "you are a gift for him and he cannot forget you, the bond my son has created between you and him is far greater than anything and no human been can understand, except my Son, you and him will know what a family relationship you share, remember you have a mission and so does he and my son will strengthen both of you. Have faith. You will not remember who he is but he himself will tell that it was him who was in the dream, it won't take a long time, and very soon he will tell you. Remember a big day is coming, pray for him so that he will be guided."
Ano did not know who SHE was referring to until I explained her that it was me walking with her in the dream.

Dream 5: October 10th 2004: Divine Mission

Ano was praying in a room and when she opened eyes, she saw Mother Mary right beside her. She asked "Are you Happy since you know now, the person who was in your dream" Ano replied "Yes". Then SHE asked her to get up, and then SHE hugged & cuddled Ano and said "My Son is so happy to see you smiling"
SHE told Ano to be strong and she should always speak to her in prayers and she should tell HER all the problems because SHE will guide through them. SHE said "Remember I told you that you are not alone in this mission, that there is a person who is also involved in this & he will be your guide. My Son has a message for you, tell the blessed one that there is a message for him, and just tell him he knows how he can talk to my Son. He knows and he will tell you how, in the hour need you will help him" SHE said " The message that my Son wants to convey is very important and should be looked into." SHE said that I should not worry about it, that you know how you should talk to him but she repeated again and said "In the hour of need, remember you should help him and in return he will help you"
Then before SHE left SHE came close to Ano looked into her eyes and said "Blessed are the eyes that see God's creation for they will show others what beauty it carries and blessed is the one who guides for he will be showered with blessings and with love of the almighty" Then SHE kissed on Ano’s forehead and whispered to her ear "Remember to help in the hour of need, do not hesitate because you are gift and will be guided"
"Tell him, that he is chosen out of everybody by my Son and he will be glorified in the presence of my beloved Son and you my child never doubt him at any moment since he's the chosen one to guide you in your mission"
Ano got up confused and did not understand what SHE said "Remember to help him in the hour of need".

Dream 6 : October 11th 2004 – Meditating Yogi

Ano was in her room looking for a prayer in one of her prayer books, all of sudden close to her she saw Mother Mary standing with her and for the first time she saw Jesus. SHE asked "What are looking for, my child" Ano answered "I am looking for a prayer" Then SHE said "Books are there to guide the people who don't know to talk with my Son and to teach the people who don't know the prayers but why are you looking for prayers inside a book? All you have to do is pray to my Son in your own words, if you don't remember just close your eyes and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you. All the prayers are in your heart, the prayers that come from your heart is more greater than any other prayer"

Then Jesus came close and touched Ano’s head, HE took her hand placed it on HIS heart & asked "My little girl can you feel how much I love you, the love that I have for you is something that you will never understand, stay with me & be blessed with my love"

Then Mother Mary came and said that SHE wants to show Ano something, SHE asked her to sit and close her eyes, then Mother Mary and Jesus came and sat beside Ano. Suddenly Ano saw a circle of a glowing light, inside that circle she saw me very calm, seated crossed legs with closed eyes. Then Jesus asked "what do you see" Ano told that she saw Dr Deb. HE said "no you don't call your guardian and your second father by his name" Then HE asked me "what do you see and what is he doing" Ano replied that he is seated with eyes closed"

Then Lord Jesus said "Remember I told you to help him in the hour of need" Ano replied "yes I remember" then HE asked "My child then why didn't you help him"

Ano told HIM she did not know how to help him, she was not a very useful person to anybody then Jesus said "All my creations are blessed and useful and out of all, the two of you are my most valuable creations" then he asked Ano to convey this message to me.
These were HIS words "Tell my son he's here for great mission and you are there to help him and in the same way he's here to help you. He knows how he can get the message that I want to give him, tell him when two are there in a mission why struggle a lone, reach out to each other and continue the mission that I have given , I'm waiting till that day to glorify him. There will be certain things that you my child and my son will have to do alone but in this I want you to help each other"
Then HE told Dr Deb with brightness in his face and a great smile with happiness "tell him that I have given him a certain thing as an experiment tell him to use it HE said that HE wants to talk to me "
Then HE asked Ano to open her eyes. Once she opened her eyes HE was not there but Mother Mary was there SHE said "Do as my Son asked you. Help in the hour of need and what ever your guardian asks you to do, do it at once and without hesitation. I will be there to guide the two of you in every aspect, have trust in me and in my son" she said this message is not only for her but for me as well."

Day Dreaming

Everyday when Ano goes to office she prays "Prayer for Protection" . Day before after office returning home walking suddenly she heard a voice saying "STOP" Ano stopped walking and not to take a step forward, then she saw a huge black snake crossing front of her. In the prayer there is part which says "God will put his angels in charge of you, to protect you where ever you go. They will hold you up with their hands, to keep you from hurting your feet on the stones. You will trample down lions & snakes, fierce lions & poisonous snakes ect....." That very moment Ano thanked Lord for saving her.
Ano did not understand the messages, and she was told not to question me but to do as I tell her to. She was asking me if there was anything that she could do. Ano was wondering whether I was doing some scientific research.

Dream 7: October 12th 2004

Ano saw Mother Mary and Jesus SHE said "Yesterday was the day of the last apparition at Fatima, for you my child I will come to you till you full fill my son's whishes. Both my son and I are waiting till you and your guardian full fill our wish"
Then SHE said "Tell him not be disturbed when he's asked to do my son's wish no difficulty will strike him and tell him not to fear of barriers because when he 's serving my son the burdens that come his way is nothing at the end of the task" SHE continued "When you do good deeds people will criticize you but in my eyes you are doing the best for everybody, when there are difficult paths and decisions that you have to take have faith in me and do everything, the person who have faith in me cannot be trampled or confronted by anyone, this message is for both of you and specially to you my child"

October 20th 2004 – Messages in prayer service

Ano went to the prayer service and through the prayer service the speaker told to surrender you to God and believe in Jesus's name and in his power. He also said if ask the God to grant us any wish in the name of Jesus that HE will grant us and that's not all when we ask him we should have a strong faith that HE will grant it through his son's name.

Last week at the prayer meeting the preacher has said that there is girl in her mid twenties having problems with her relationship. She's wondering what she should do, he has said that Jesus is with you, he will guide you and to surrender to HIM.

I did not understand the divine mission and how to ask help from Ano, she was also not very keen to give me messages and her mails dropped. She went out of the country to work and lost touch.
Following years there were more messages from different patients to make me some comprehension of the divine mission.

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