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Healing through Meditation

Day 01: September 24th 2004

Nila, a 47 year old lady came to see me for facial palsy with diabetes and hypertension.
Her family background was unique- father was a Muslim and mother, a Buddhist, whereas, Nila herself was married in a Christian family. Since Nila’s childhood she had the special gift of receiving healing oil in her palms from Lord Shiva while meditating. She used to speak in a strange language during meditation. There was no restriction in practicing this in her family.
Unusual Fear

Nila was very scared even after being explained the benign nature of the disease as seen by her normal MRI. Keeping her spiritual background in mind, I tried to take her back to her previous birth. Quickly, she was in deep meditation and started visualizing:

She said, “a small girl who wasn’t related to me, but she was very close to me because her father and mother used to go to work.” She used to always stay with me; even though I was married, I had no children. So I used to look after her. And her parents felt that I would be a good mother to the child. Nila said, “But I couldn’t save her, that movement she was not with me, but I was in the kitchen doing some work.” She said, “ I heard her voice, I don’t know whether it was a river, I had to go, there was water, that child fell into that and her father was there, but he didn’t take any notice, soon after I fainted, that’s all I know, when I got up I saw her body, she was dead.”
“I think she is angry with me, because I didn’t save her, but it was not my fault.” I came as soon as I heard her voice and screamed to her father and fainted, but I felt she was angry.

Further into the meditation, Nila said, “What is this country? It is far, starting with M, nice hair, they cover their hair with weed, and they dress like dancers.” She said, “We are short people. There is a young girl with beads in the hair. Lots of milk and cows are there.”
She said, “Is it India? No, Nepal, it is not a city, a village, we are gorkhas. I was very beautiful but no children. I think that girl is angry with me.”

I asked her if she could see any one from this life. I don’t want any harm to my sister, mother and my father. I love him very much.
I asked her, “Where is your father?” She said, “He is far away doctor; he passed away 4-5 years ago.” I asked her if she could see him. She said, “He is in a good place, he is looking at me, and he loves me.” She also said, “He is very happy and I am happy that he is not here right now because he is the first person who is going to worry about me.” She said that Lord Shiva he is always behind her and he is not going to leave her. He wants me to get over my fear.

I asked Nila if she can find out the cause of her fear. She says, “I have not done any harm but I think that child is making me worry because I didn’t save that child’s life”, I am worried about other (What is other?). I wanted to have children but I didn’t.

I asked her if she can find out where she is now. She says, “It is Nepal, a far off village, it was my previous birth about 7th century. It is like Kaftans, we had lots of cow. I was a vegetarian.”
I asked her about her religion. She said, “I was a yogi, I was a Hindu, I used to practice yoga.” Then, she said, “Lord Shiva was always with me and his son Murgeshan Kandswamy used to guide me. I was very religious. Because I didn’t have children, I used to spend more time towards my religion. It was a good life. But that child keeps me worried. I love to look after people. Will I be able to help people, Can’t I practice my religion? I worship Lord Shiva, Kandswamy, Pravatiamma, Vigneswara and Hanuman. I want to follow their path. Will they guide me? Yes.”
Attempt to end life

I used to cure people but everything changed, I wanted to change my life. Before marriage, I was working in airlines and I had a very nice life there. I use to fly to different countries, meet different people. Once I got married, my husband didn’t like me to work. And that made me a little angry, but then I listened to him and I had my child so that kept me at home. But I love to work, I was never happy with the home life. But then I had to listen to my husband I had to look after my child. So I decided to stay back, then I started worshiping Lord Shiva and Kandswamy. I had a problem and I lost all my money. I was being cheated when my husband was abroad. He wanted to come back; I wanted to start some business, so that when he comes back he can take over. But then I met this lady.

I asked her who the lady was. She said that she was introduced by a friend to her and then she started working with her and that lady cheated her. Nila said, “I think she had charmed me; she was every thing to me.” “I forgot my husband, my mother, even my child.” She took everything what ever I had and then that time I tried to commit suicide, I wanted to kill my child, but God helped me. My husband saw the incident and he screamed and said, “You have no right to kill my child.” I said, “I can’t leave my child with you I love him so much”. Nila then started crying. She said, “I wanted to take the child. But my husband didn’t let me.” But, God saved me. “I was so stupid to want to kill my child.”

I asked her, “When was that?” She said that it was 6 years ago. “I was so foolish to work with that lady.” “Every body was telling me that I was a fool and after that I was careful of everything.” And, then I used to scream “O God, come and help me, I need you.” I think at that time Lord Kandswamy came to me and even though I am a Muslim, I used to go to temple. Because my mother was a Buddhist, and I was a person who never believed in any thing, never believed in horoscope, never believed in Gods, holy Koran, and holy Bible or anything else. It was just fun for me at that time. But when I got into trouble, I wanted God’s help and actually God came and he tried to take me to another path. I worked for 1.5 years. She said, “I sat near them (Gods) I prayed to them I used to worship greatly, meditate and while meditating used to cure many people by medicine: for headache, heart problems, stomach problems, rashes. I told there was daughter in my house she had rash not cured for 12 years, she went to several doctors. Once I sat there in meditation I healed her completely. It was a miracle that day and I started loving those Gods so much. I used to fast on Tuesday and Friday; I used to sit down and help the poor people so that they can be cured, because they didn’t have money to go to the hospital.

She said that suddenly everything changed. “Saitan was pulling me away.” “My mind was not stable.” “I wanted to change completely but that didn’t work.” So, I decided to go back to the Gods. “I must sit there; I must worship them, I must cure whoever comes to me.” My family always supported me for healing, they are very nice. I was in very good health, I never had a headache, I was healthy. My children were healthy. She said, “I feel sleepy now, can I sleep?”
Day 02: September 25th 2004

Dr Deb: Do you want to go back again? Can you find out what is worrying you?

Nila: “I told you there was a child that keeps coming back.”

Dr Deb: Can you find out where that child has gone?

Nila: I have to go back. Shall I go back? She is no where close to me. She is born again. I see a crowded place, very crowded, there are some people wearing turbans. I see her still small.

Dr Deb: How old is she?

Nila: She is just 6-7 years old.

Dr Deb: What is her name?

Nila: Starting with R…. Rakiya- Rakiya Mandir. That’s what I am seeing. She is very happy. It shows the state of Gujarat, middle part of India. Her parents are rich, I am happy because she is happy. I think father is a businessman and going around the world. He is a educated man. She has two more sisters and she is the youngest. I can see her face: she is pretty; she has short curly hair, fair skin, very fair, not dark like me, big eyes. Her mother wore a sari in Gujarati style. May be they are Punjabis working in Gujarat. He is going to Africa, Johannesburg that is the place you get lots of shiny things.

Dr Deb: Can you find out the address?

Nila: I can see some figure, but not clear. I can see him flying, gets down at Johannesburg. I can see that figure; it is a 218 no. board in the house. It is a very busy place. I find it very difficult to find the address. There is some kind of blockage. Father’s name is P. Singh, he is Panjabi. There are different kinds of people. The address is being blocked.
Haj from Heaven

Dr Deb: Can you find out where your father is?

Nila: He is in a good place; I don’t want to bring him down. He is looking at me. Allah O Akbar. Allah O Akbar. My father.. Allah O Akbar. He is in a good place. He visits Mecca. Allah O Akbar….Salam …. Allah O Tala.

Nila asks me if she can cover her head. She says, “He is very happy, he always wanted to go there and he is there in Mecca.” “He goes around the Kaba. He is very happy he always wanted to go there.” “He worships so much, Salim Mussaam, May he rest in peace, may his soul rest in peace.” She says, “He is great.” Every day atleast one time he goes around the Kaba in Saudi in the morning around 10 am. He is happy to see me. He is white, he is great. He was paralyzed at that time. I was in London- my first time in Airline. He took me to the airport, while returning he was not there in Airport to receive me. It affected me very much. One of my uncles came; I kept on asking where my father is? He should be here, not you. He took me home and then to the hospital where my father was totally paralyzed. He just looked at me he wanted to talk but he couldn’t, was crying. He couldn’t talk to me and that was the worst incident that I saw in my life when my father was in bed. After Ayurvedic treatment he recovered, not totally, but, he was strong.

Nila says, “Thank God, he is now in a good place.” If he had seen me like this he would have been the most unhappy person. I was mad. I was very strong, yes, Lord Shiva will help me to become strong. Om Shiv Shakti. Om Shiv Shakti… Omm Shiv Shakti.. Omm Shiv Shiv Shakti, Omm Parmeswara Omm Lingeshwara, Omm Shakti. She then started chanting the mantra in some strange language, probably Nepali.

In her meditative stage, she goes into the same state and speaks in a similar way. She receives healing oil in her hand which she uses to cure patients.

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