Saturday, July 4, 2009

Angelic Counseling for Addiction

Mara, a 29 years old young lady who was full of life and happiness never anticipated that her life would change so drastically due to certain incidents in her life. Happily married and settled with the love of her life and loving parents and in-laws she was lively and joyous with things moving better than expected professionally and personally for her . She was always the best in her education, profession and otherwise too…she smiles the world would smile.

Three years after her marriage, Mara who was an occasional social drinker and enjoyed to cook and dance on the weekend get-togethers with her friends and family suddenly lost track of herself. She lost herself to alcohol…her habit took over her and her strong mind and she became the slave to the dark world of evil and addiction. She would listen to nobody and would lie, steal just to get to the dungeon of darkness where there was evil and there were bad things.

This problem affected not only her personal life with her husband who did all he could to love her and comfort her but also her parents and in-laws who underwent severe trauma for that and half year of her severe addiction to alcohol. She could not perform at work and went absconding a number of times to drink…slowly things worsened as she started stealing money from her family, her husband and from her home…to the extent she sold all her jewelry just to have money to blow on alcohol. There was no count or track of her expenditure. In the mean time she also took loans from bank and pretended as though her job was still intact and used up the loan money as her salary…life worsened not only for Mara but for her entire family as she started disappearing from home and roaming drunk. Life had become hell for all her family members….Psychiatric consultations, medication and lots of all possible help were no better in bringing Mara back to her senses and in making her realize that she was being dominated by the evil force and in turn was ruining her life.

My close friend asked me whether I could solve the problem. They came to my house reluctantly; after an initial interview I was sure that she was not a usual case of addiction. She would drink a bottle without control and off alcohol for days without craving. Her mind was very clear and she was very confident of winning the problem.

She was brought up in a modern educated family without any spiritual experience. My final weapon in such situation is divine help. Testing to know hypnotizability I did bucket balloon test. To my astonishment her hand started moving up, I did not loose opportunity to guide her to move up. Soon she was floating in a soft cloud and found her husband standing with buckeye to welcome her. He was asking her to come back; slowly she could visualize all her family members. There was a beautiful stream and an angel was waiting for her, reaching near her. She said, 'you are in wrong path you should move to right'. She was very scared of a black figure, and promised to not to go toward that. It was more than an hour of guided meditation and she was feeling much better. It was then all over for that time.

My friend and her husband were a bit skeptical, however I was quite hopeful. Fortunately, she realized the importance of her soul which is in communion with the Almighty, the Creator of all. It seemed to be more fruitful in her moments of existence as she gradually realized herself in fuller manner. Her mind started to relax, she would visit me every week and talk and convey her feelings an fears…slowly the darkness in Mara’s life faded away and she truly experienced the light of life, the divine light of truth and goodness. It’s been two years since she gained a new flow of life and she has settled down in life and her self-realization has not only made her a better human being but also a good wife, daughter and a good professional. All she needed was an insight which she could not gain from anybody. Few things are hard to explain because they are beyond medicine…She is now a member of Paramhansa Yogoda Satsang Society and an ardent reader of spiritual and psychology books. Her addiction has vanished like a feather in the air and today she claims to be the happiest person on this earth. She says…her only motive is to remain happy and spread her kindness and smile all over the world. Mara is a true example to all people who have addiction problems that “nothing is impossible until you really want to make it happen”.

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