Thursday, July 2, 2009

Divine Exorcism

Divine Exorcism
Wani was a 24 years old Karate black belt trainer. All was well until the time when quite surprisingly she came with attacks of sudden change in personality and violent behavior once a month. She could feel someone was moving with her touching her hair and body, moving plates while eating. Symptoms continued even when she moved out of the country for which she had to quit the job. She could feel the soul of her grandfather and also of a lady who was killed in a garment factory.
Several priests had been consulted and in turn she wasted 5-6 hundred thousand rupees without any relief.
Through some information, she came to me. My consultation was to confirm any physical nature of her problem. Reiki is a simple way to differentiate such cases; immediately after starting energy therapy any physical problem normally relaxes, while dissociative and paranormal cases become violent.

She went into a fit of rage and her head started rotating with loose hair. First day I was a little scared and kept two of my strong male assistants to protect my computers from the black belt champion. Later she told me that she had never hit anyone.
I was not very keen in treating such cases, because I was not, of course, trained for such cases. For some reason totally unknown to me, she came back to me in a month's time insisting me on treating her. She felt her pain to have aggravated with holy water and prayer, or maybe due to incomplete cleaning as she had visited the church in the meantime.
Day 01:
After guided Hypno-Reiki, she could see a streak of light but could not move towards it since a black figure was following and calling from below. As before her head started rotating with loose hair. There was a streak of light on the right side in the sky, she could not move towards it, as she described; so I asked her to call the light towards her. Light came to her like a laser beam piercing her heart. There was a severe pain in chest like heart attack, but she could see slowly heart was getting cleaned and becoming white. It took almost 3-4 hours for the light to clean her heart and then the light moved to her left hand, abdomen and legs. The session continued for 7 hours- the longest ever done self guided Reiki. She was exhausted by that time and wanted to go home. She also felt a headache and could not sleep properly in the night.
Day 02:
Next day she came around 12.20pm. With guided Hyno Reiki from 12.30 pm I started trying to clean her by trying to send her up, she could see the light but the same black figure was disturbing her again. After a 2 hour effort she put in that, she could see the star. Cleaning started from the head with sever pain which took several hours before becoming white. Her right hand was the last part that took the remaining 4 hours before getting white. There was a small patch over the left part of her back.
I was not sure about the source of light; when she was guided to trace the other end it was a star which was attached to a rod. Jesus was holding the rod and emerged from background, she expained:
“He is Jesus Christ, he said something but I cannot understand. The black figure is down and white color is calling up, white color is taking me up holding my hand. Left side is dark color trying to touch me but I am going up. He is cleaning my face, he has a power. One hand holds the star. He is Jesus Christ. Light heart pain. the black figure is far apart, I am in a white light going up. He has a star in his hand. Now no heart pain, stomach pain is too much and back pain. Can see little face. My leg is paining too much, stomach pain has gone. Body is white at shoulder, down it is not. Left toes are paining, right ones also. Feeling mild pain in the stomach and heart, all clean mild pain. He has some light for my body, he has sent it to me. Still light pain in toe- mild pain. The body is white. My back is now of white color, the front is slowly becoming white", she described.
She then continued, "The black figure is too far. The left sidestill has a mild darkness. The leg is also white now. The left side eye is paining. The right side has a mild pain. One place in stomach has too much pain. The leg is mildly white. The stomach is still black, in one place feeling paining like knife pierced in it. He is still there doing cleaning. He is in the front. He has a light in his hand. The right leg is white, the left leg is paining too much . The back side is much too white. The shoulder is also fully white. He is now asking me to see the star in his hand. Now the stomach pain is also mild. The face has a little pain like somebody has put plaster on the left side. The leg is white, the stomach is mildly dark on the side of the pain. Both of my legs have caught too much white color. The stomach down is only black, the whole body is white. One side of the head is in mild darkness
Now the whole body is white like the sun, mild headache exists. Now severe headache. Mild headache now.Lord Jesus told me not to worry, he will help me and also told me to come 1-2 times more for a completer cleaning."
She got up fresh at 7.30pm after 90% cleaning and went home. She could sleep yesterday the first time after her mishap. She did not come back; thereafter her mother took her to some Hindu temple. She was much better on follow up calls for next one year.


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