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Divinity and Magical Maya

Ridam: 43 year old working in a private company. Married to Rina for over 14 years.

Rina: A bright woman married to Ridam.

Anya: Ridam's sister-in-law.

Deep: Common friend of Ridam and me

Ridam had helped his sister-in-law, Anya, in finding a job and settling down. Anya reciprocated his support with lots of love, affection and gratitude. In due course of time with Anya’s career shaping up and with the proximity to Ridam, she was infatuated to the extent, that her only goal in life was to marry Ridam. She attempted in several ways to convince him including, taking her own life to pursue her goal. With all this going on, Ridam and Rina's marital relationship was strained along with his other social and professional responsibilities. My friend, Deep who was close to Ridam & Anya referred this challenging case to me in 2005 for counseling despite the fact that it was beyond the scope of my domain.

Ridam’s wife, Rina was patient and understanding all along and ready for any solution to attain happiness. Ridam and Anya came back to me in December 2007 and informed me about their decision to get married . I was supportive of their decision thinking that was the only solution. Deep was disillusioned with my decision and as a conservative person he wanted to normalize the relationship according to Indian social norms.

On Deep's insistence, Ridam came with Anya after 6 months on June 7th, 2008 for further counseling. There was nothing to advise them as they were already living together and wanted to seek my moral support. However, Ridam disclosed to me a warning by an astrologer, that as long as he stays with his wife, he would be successful in his life. He was also told that at the age of 53, he would leave the material world and its associated pleasures to follow a totally devoted spiritual path. For me, it was very hard to comprehend because he was materialistic, selfish and without any understanding of spiritual principles. He loved eating, smoking and drinking socially, enjoying his life, was a ruthless administrator at work and known popularly as a fearless go-getter who would pursue his personal desires strongly.
Unanticipated transformation

On June 21, 2008, Ridam, Rina and Anya came back together with some expectation to solve their problem. I was not sure how to tackle the situation other than seeking spiritual help. It was probably the first ever meditation for Ridam; soon, after closing his eyes there was a thud, he was rolling on the ground, breaking his expensive eye glasses. He was making weird expressions, whistling and making meowing sounds with strange animal like behavior. Both his wife and sister-in-law were smiling and accolading his acting skills. He was left alone and the sisters were taken out to explain the possibility of an evil entity affecting him probably the cause of their turmoil. After an hour he came out from the trance and explained: There were many black figures, deformed bodies, rape, sexual patterns, murder and other negative scenes. There was only a streak of light and he was exhausted. I had a ray of hope, which was communicated to the family.

On subsequent meditation sessions, there was a gradual transformation from black energy to more celestial light which was encouraging. Glimpses of Sarodama, Ramkrishna, Sai Baba, Jesus, Buddha and Ma Kali with intermittent distractions from black figures.

Anya was depressed with Ridam's transformation and loosing hope of getting him back. She attempted suicide on June 26th with large doses of sedatives, however recovered after stomach wash from emergency department.

The meditation sessions continued with the witnessing of God, Goddesses and Celestial light. In one of the sessions, Devi Kali instructed Ridam to perform Sandhya Pooja for Anya by standing on one leg wearing a red bordered sari, covering her head. She also explained the dedicating mudra (hand posture). She also gave a mantra to perform the pooja near the banks of Ganges in front of Tulsi tree. Appearance of Mahatama Gandhi, in an old dhoti, instructing him to follow the path of truth at all cost was also remarkable.
Witnessing Past Lives like an old film
Executioner in Punjab
On July 6th, Ridam insisted on getting him regressed to see his past lives. Soon after the initial guidance, he started visualizing himself as a black strong man with moustache handling prisoners. He was speaking in Hindi and there were many English police men around him. He recognized the place as Punjab, in North India. During his childhood he was bribed by a English soldier to tell the whereabouts of Indian freedom fighters. Later, he was employed as an executioner in prison. It was around mid nineteenth century; he could see a black well repeatedly near his prison. Not long before, he got fed up with his job and while trying to shoot at an English soldier, he was killed. He did not recognize any one from his present life in that life.
Farmer in Bengal
It was a lush green field and he was going for farming, probably in Bengal or some fertile location in the eastern part of India. He recognized Anya as his daughter in that life who was around 3-4 years old. She was strongly attached to him and used to go with him to the field sitting on his back. He would tie her to a tree while working in the field. She was quite finicky, always crying and never leaving him alone. This was quite similar to Anya’s behavior in this life too. One day while he was cutting rice yield from his paddy field while sitting on the ground, Anya called out for help. When he got up to see, a Cobra bit him right on his face and instantly he dropped dead. Anya started crying and became hysteric on loosing her father. Interestingly, Ridam saw his mother- in- law as his wife in that life; It wasn't very happy relationship, which is true in this life also.
King of Arabia
Ridam's next life was that of a King in some Arab country. He started seeing deserts, sand dunes, camels and mountains. He was in a white robe with some sort of a head scarf. He was strong, tall, and with a large kingdom to manage. He started speaking in Arabic which I could not comprehend. It was a good life, according to him. A palace, crystals, glasses, beautiful women around, no wife, anyone he wished, he would live with. He had a son, who is also his son, in the present life, there was as a strong bond between them. His son was very clever and practical; once there was an invasion by another king which his son had warned him before. During the war with that powerful king, he got killed but son escaped realizing his father's mistake.
Son of a Landlord
In another life, Ridam saw his present wife as his strict mother and teacher in an English medium school. His father was a landlord, in Gujarat. He died in a car accident along with his father when he was child.

The next day more details of the same life were explored. Anya was his aunt and his mother's co-sister. Ridam recollected that Anya troubled his wife (then the widowed mother) making her work and doping her with opium. And, one day the mother fled away from home to a saint who was her father in this life. He helped her and cursed her co-sister for harassing her. Subsequently, there was a cholera epidemic and every one except Anya, died. Slowly she transformed after coming in contact with a doctor (Ridam's father in this life) and learnt herbal medicine. She cured many patients and one day while meditating saw her co-sister. Finally, she also arrived in the same ashram and gradually relationship with co-sister improved.

Despite the knowledge of their past life relationships, there was no change in the dispute at home.
Another dimension to the problem
A new dimension to the case opened up when the cause of Ridam’s strange behavior during the trance such as making peculiar faces, whistling and meowing like a cat were being understood.

Ridam saw a black evil cat whistling, a black tunnel, and an old lady making evil faces. He said, "It was my mother’s figure through which this wicked lady was speaking." Slowly the image of his maternal aunt emerged. She was very close to Ridam and his mother, but, she was also jealous of her sister's happy married life. All the problems of his mother were connected with her aunt’s restless soul. His aunt died due to cancer when Ridam was young. She had several cats, and her death ceremony was not performed properly. The aunt's husband was alcoholic and their married life was discontented, causing frustration of her soul.

The aunt’s soul did not move out of this dimension and came to Ridam through an ancestral almirah, which was at Anya’s home. Anya's distress was connected with his aunt’s unsatisfied soul. Anya would be restless till this soul stayed there and it needed Shanti Pooja (a ritual to bring peace to the soul) and to relieve it from this world.

Ridam continues to experience divine presence during his mediation and the transformation was visible.

Ridam and I went to a Kali temple to consult a priest to bring peace to the evil spirit. He suggested two priests and the procedure to do the Pooja but he was little scared too. When we went to see him later, he wasn't there. While meditating in front of Devi we felt a divine message and rushed to Anya’s home to perform the Pooja ourselves. While doing the pooja, Ridam’s aunt's spirit got irritated and started speaking through Ridam. She elucidated why she has chosen to haunt his house after his marriage. Her married life was not happy; therefore she did not want anyone else to be happily married. She wanted to separate Ridam from Rina. She said, "Everyone enjoyed during Ridam's wedding and nobody remembered her." Ridam's aunt's soul was pleading to not disturb her and let her stay with them. She also explained how to do the Shanti Pooja for her soul to move out.

I consulted a friend of mine whose son was possessed for years before he could get rid of the problem after seeking help from a Muslim priest practicing exorcism telepathically. The priest was quite confident of solving the problem and he said that there was quite a powerful spirit which was haunting her home. As the priest was conducting the ritual from a distance, Ridam’s aunt's soul was getting irritated and creating more problems. One day Ridam was in a trance while coming back from office. He was in a auto and started making similar wicked facial expressions and strange sounds. The auto driver got scared and asked him to leave without asking for money. Ridam was worried about his behavior and took advice from a astrologer again who adviced to perform pooja at Kala Hasthi temple for Kal Sharpa dosh of Anya.
More Revealation

Mr Singh came to see my house and do meditation on September 12th. Ridam and Anya went to Kala Hasthi temple on the same day pooja was good and they were happy with the outcome. As they were tired with the journey , he called me to inform that he may not come, nevertheless he came, as he was destined to . Despite his tiredness and lack of willingness to meditate, he started yawning and went into trance spontaneously as usual.

He saw Ma Kali in a furious mood SHE started scolding him. SHE told, you went to a temple for Rahu Ketu pooja, bypassing me. I have created them they are under my feet. If you don’t follow what I instruct I would kill you and hang like others. I have only send the Ghost in your house to scare you, if you behave like, ignoring me, then I shall send few more. I did not tell you one thing you were dacoit in one of the past life and you were my devotee. You were a Kapalic, used to kill people and offer me as balidan, of course you killed those whom I wanted to & who were evil . Once you did a penance for 108 days fasting non stop, you had pledged to offer 108 hibiscus flower whereas you gave me two less. You are being punished owing to breach of vow. Then she politely advised moreover you are my son so I can’t harm you further and instructed him to pray as SHE had already advised.
All Divine Drama

On October 1st, the new moon day and Mahalaya the day 0 of nine day Devi pooja or Navaratri, Ridam was advised to perform an overnight pooja and with two hibiscus flowers on the day of Diwali, a month later. The next day he was advised to feed a snake with some milk. Ridam did not mind staying up overnight; however, he was scared of feeding a snake as he died of snake bite in one of his previous lives.

On october 6th, the sixth day of Navaratri, Devi communicated with Ridam while he was meditating, revealing that their would be rain on Navami, the 9th day of Navaratri; he was asked to collect rain water and conduct a pooja with 9 bananas placed as navagrahas. Anya was asked to make all the arrangements for the pooja to overcome the ignorance and doshas of her past lives.

It wasn't rainy season and usually there are no rains this time around at this location. Until evening of Navami there was no rain till Ridam called me to inform that there was a down pour near his house which is east of my house. There was no sign of rain in our area; however, soon it started raining and continued for 2 days like some sort of divine intervention!

Ridam came with his wife on 20th October and we meditated on the top floor pooja room. Devi told him that she liked him and that Anya was his Dasi (maid servant) in that life and she didn't want him to perform all the Poojas and devote his life to Devi. Further, Devi told him that Anya wanted him to marry her and she was the one who removed the two flowers from his 108 days of fast and Pooja to break his trust from his devotion and get attracted to more materialistic world.

Anya was his assistant who looked after the farm and household chores. She wanted him to spend time with her not with Devi. She drugged him with opium out of anger, jealously and frustration on failing to achieve her goals. He died on the 7th day after the fast. She again instructed Anya to prepare bhog (offering) and give two hibiscus flowers on the day of Diwali, which was indebted in her past lives to Devi, feed milk to a snake because she was like cobra in the last life and to clear her sins.

SHE also told to pray for Brahma (Creator God) and Vishnu (Sustainer God) and offer bhog every day what ever you eat. She told Rina was his mother in last life and Lakshmi (Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity) in this one.

On 29th October Diwali night he did pooja but did not feed a cobra as advised, and next day came to feed the holy cow the sacred Prasad. She again predicted the next rain on 36th and 45th day, and also advised to collect water and to perform pooja to Devi.

Ridam went on a tour once again and when he came back on the November 1st, Devi burnt his palms & fingers for untruthful to her about his devotion.

Ridam and Anya were not very regular in performing Devi Pooja. There was no rain on full moon day. On 21st November afternoon there was unexpected rain which was the 45th predicted day. It was Kartik (Lunar month of Diwali festival) Navami, I collected rain water for him and called Anya; she knew this was the day Ridam was supposed to do the Pooja.

On 23rd November Devi again warned Ridam for not following HER instructions and SHE would kill all of them. SHE gave him one last chance to perform the Pooja on 27th November- the new moon day. SHE asked Ridam to wake up at 5 am and wear a new dhoti and red towel on the head without any clothing on the chest and to make bhog and distribute it to everyone around.

On 27th November Ridam conducted the pooja in the morning as told and danced with devi. She said to Ridam that if he cannot find a snake, he should go to Dr Deb’s house and there is a snake around his house. He came with milk and there was a snake seen in our garden during those days.

On 27th December Rina came with her mother at the clinic to consult my wife. She was unhappy about the progress, and revealed that Ridam was asking for a divorce. I came home and prayed for their well being.

On 28th December I called Ridam to sit for a Saturday meditation and told him not to take any decisions for separation without consulting Devi. Ridam and Anya were living together. Devi told whatever he wish he can do, after 8years, 8month and 8days, he would come to her, leaving everything. He would go to a Jungle and then peacefully leave the body. Devi will inform when and how he will die and where he would take the next birth. His present problems are due to his past karma and will continue for sometimes.

10th January I called Ridam for Saturday meditation since it was a full moon day. He was out in a company picnic. Devi told Ridam that he has no light in his life and there was "Kaal Shaap" meaning "Curse of Time", which he is going through, the deeper meaning of Kaal Sharpa dosha. They have to pass through this difficult time and it would last for a few months. Ridam's astrology chart also confirmed there was Shani Sade Sati till next year. Anya's natal chart too showed some problem in her moon with darkness in her life which will be difficult to get over with.

On 8th March, Anya brought Ridam for meditation since they weren't regular in performing the Pooja at home. We meditated on the top floor, Devi asked him as to why did he hide the truth since it was Devi who had asked them to see me as they were not sincere in their beliefs. SHE instructed to come another day (SHE would tell the date) to my house and sit on the ground floor where SHE had first seen him. We need to keep her statue in the South direction and sit with a red cloth on the head without any clothing on the chest. She told how one day she would transfer all his power to Anya, who will get transformed call him up. She did not advise to do the Kala Hasthi since SHE is the creator. Everything will take its time; she said, if you can’t manage 5 people at home, can you imagine how difficult it is for ME to manage the whole world.

On 22nd March, Sunday Ridam came to my place to meditate as per Devi's suggestion. She said that all his problems of present life were due to the past Karma. He was HER devotee as a Kapalic 300 years back, because of that he could see HER now again. Devi went on to say that "I was also HER devotee 500 years ago in some village where there was a draught and I built a temple of Ma Kali and helped people selflessly." One day SHE will guide us to go to that place. SHE wanted both of us to meet hence SHE created this drama. Ridam will come out of the present problem soon without any loss to his family. He has a more serious future mission. Anya has to go through her karma, what she did in the past life, stealing two hibiscus and poisoning Ridam. Everything started in this house and will follow too.
Final Cleansing of Soul

Ridam called me on 5th April and gave me the shocking news of Anya's sudden death following an accident. He was with his wife following his eye operation. Later, they came to know how she fell off the 5th floor and died on 4th April. Following the postmortem the body was released and cremated. Everything went on smoothly, for such an unnatural death. Hindu rituals are different for such deaths- on the 4th day there is a Pooja which was performed at a Kali temple in her birth place. The last ritual was to submerge the ashes of her body in some holy river on the 10th day. This was done in a sacred river near a Saraswati temple.

Ridam had recurring vision of Anya lying down and her soul being freed even before her death. He also saw Anya’s final destination and beyond in his meditation. Her soul was resting in a transition period in Shiv Lok with Mother Kali and is extremely happy. She has no pains or regrets anymore, her soul understands the journey of life and the reasons very well; possibly, soon she would take another birth in south India in a wealthy family and her father would be her husband in the next life.

On 18th April Ridam came in the morning to meditate in my house. Devi asked him to look up when he started to protrude his tongue (showing HER presence). He said, "yes, you are wearing a beautiful nose ring." SHE had asked to look further up between HER two eyes- the third eye was rotating like earth and he could see Anya as a child with Lord Shiva and Devi. She was given the job of picking flowers in their garden. Devi has cleaned all her past sins and after a year will send her down to south India with a new life. She would take birth in a prosperous family but will not recognize Ridam or have any relationship with anybody from her past lives except her present father. SHE did not want her to be trapped in Maya. Ridam will only know her whereabouts and age when he would be on his death bed.
SHE again predicted another rain on 51st day (7th June Full moon day) and asked to drink and take a bath in the holy rainwater. Symbolically it will clean her soul further and improve the depressed conditions of the needy and poor

On 2nd May Ridam saw in deep meditation that Anya was there with him for 16 previous lives. She had to finish her old karma and start from the beginning.

Initially there was prediction of early Monsoon this year; however, there were no rain till first week of June and the weather reports predicted a late monsoon, but suddenly on the June 7th afternoon, thick black clouds came from the East and it rained for ½ hour. We all enjoyed the first divine shower and drank the water. I got an SMS from Ridam saying, “May be this was the final act which we needed to do for her soul to be in complete happiness and move to the next level. It was very nice that you could also participate. 5.01 pm”.

A Cruel King

July 27, 2009:

Ridam called me on July 27th after a month and half to tell me that he was quite busy with his work and wasn’t able to meditate. The last he meditated was on July 26th-Nag Panchami day (devotees offer prayers to snakes in the name of God). Ridam said, “Devi was in aggressive mood and asked me to go to your house to meditate saying she would give some message.”

August 2, 2009:

On August 2nd, Ridam came with Rina and his son who wanted to see his past life and confirm our findings. We sat for meditation, after initial yawning and head drooping, Ridam fell on one side; his son and wife were not in a trance and were watching him. He sat down after lying for almost half an hour. I was in a deep trance and was visualizing Ma Kali. Due to the tingling in my leg, I shifted back and sat in an easy pose. Within a few minutes, Ridam fell on my lap and his tongue was protruding and dry and he was asking for water. “Can you realize how you feel when you are thirsty; you have killed so many people without water in desert. Man whose feet you are lying told you not to do this, he was a Pundit, you did not listen. You wanted power and only power, you were like a Chandal, and there is no difference between a King and Chandal. You have to suffer for what you did in that life. The only way to rid of your sin is if this man (Dr Deb) forgives you for what you have done. If he refuses you have to suffer and start from the beginning.” Devi said in anger. His throat and mouth was dry and he was panting for water, we brought water but realized that Devi wanted him to know what happens when you need water in a desert. SHE continued “That girl (Anya) will start new life after seven and a half months. Everything good will happen to her, but for you everything bad. If you don’t listen and follow what I say and do pooja with this man (Dr Deb), nothing will improve. You have to get a kick from this man then only you will improve. You know why I am helping you because you have done penance in one life” said Devi in resentment. Ridam did not remember anything after the session; Rina was skeptical about what he had told in the session. Ridam was relaxed and astonished to hear what Devi had told him. We discussed spirituality for some time. Rina wanted to learn more about “Past Life.”

When I narrated the incident to my uncle, a retired Professor of English, he asked whether Ridam takes drugs, he was astonished beyond belief.

August 13th 2009 (Phone call):

On August 13th, Ridam called to tell me how his life was being controlled by Devi. Recently, he completed furnishing his flat and wanted to rent it out. Devi had asked him not to worry and conduct a puja by placing Lord Nataraj, Lord Krishna and Devi Kali’s pictures as no one would come before September. Ridam did not believe that and continued making futile efforts to find a tenant for the last three months. However, yesterday to his astonishment a tenant came to occupy the flat from 1st of September, because his daughter was enrolled in an Engineering college nearby. To test Devi, Ridam insisted them to come before September, but they communicated their inability to do so.

August 26th 2009 (Phone call):

On August 26th, Ridam developed pain in his joints and found that his uric acid was raised. So, he meditated and saw that Devi Kali was very angry. Ridam could see a Trishul coming from my house and Her face and my face were merging. She was telling him that if he failed to listen to HER, SHE will take away everything from him. It was a warning and a suggestion. Now, Ridam understood how my Sadhana was protecting him. If he does not listen to me like the previous lives, the consequences would be grave.

August 28th 2009:

After Devi’s warning, Ridam started meditating for last 3 days. He saw that there was a temple of Ma Kali and Krishna at my place; I was priest of the temple. One day there was an earth quake or an eruption and I had died inside the rubble with Ma Kali. He says it was 200 years ago. There was a pond on the side of the temple and I used to take a bath there daily. Because of that old temple, the place is so powerful and blessed.

September 2nd 2009:

On September 2nd we went to pick up Esteem car from Banjara Hills near Apollo. The car stopped working the night before when Shantanu was coming back from office in heavy rain. It was towed down to GEM motors; when I went in the evening to pick up the car, there was news of lost helicopter of our CM.

At 4.45 pm I asked Mr Shyam Singh to Dowse and he replied that the dowser was not moving, not a very auspicious omen.

Next day morning, I saw light coming from Ma Kali and the CMs soul was not seen around earth. I asked Ridam to meditate in the evening to see what exactly had happened. Ridam saw Lord Shiva, throwing Trishul at the helicopter with light coming out from the trishul. Probably, the CM had promised to build a Shiva temple and look after a village but failed to do so.

Next, Ridam saw in the third eye of Devi Ann telling how, she will be born in a sea side village after 5 months and 19 days, she asked to do puja at my home one day before she takes rebirth.

When Ridam asked Devi if he can go to Shyam Singh, Devi told him to follow HER only.

On 4rth September, as predicted by Devi, a person came to occupy Ridam’s new flat. He had come before, but refused to come in August and came back in September. Now, Ridam is more and more convinced about Devi’s words always coming true and is scared of his father’s death after 3 years, his mother going mad after that and his leaving the world after 8-10 years.

On 5th September, we went with Ridam’s family to Gandi Maisamma temple near my house.

Impending disaster
October 2nd 2009 Ridam received a warning message from Ma Kali in meditation regarding impending disaster with loss of lives within next 27 days.
Dipawali puja message
Ridam called me to tell Devi's message on meditation today: He saw what was in the future for Ann as well as her past and present; she would take birth after 4 months and 23 days. Devi also asked to meditate on the day of Diwali from 7.30 to 9.30 pm or after 10.30 pm along with offering Bhog prasad.
Dipawali & Kali Puja 17th October 2009

Devi Ma has told before, in meditation to make, Khichari, Potato fry and Brinjal fry. Offer Kumkum with Ridam’s blood and cut pumpkin as symbolic sacrifice. Devi also told to wear dhoti and red cloth over waist, not to cover the chest.

Ridam came with Prasad, flower and other Puja material. We started Puja at 7.30pm as Devi given auspicious time for Puja from 7.30-9.30pm and then anfter 10.30pm. I was also fasting without water since last night.

Ridam cut pumpkin as sacrifice after applying kumkum. He applied kumkum and blood from his finger which I had pricked on HER forehead.. He went into meditation and protruded tongue, to show HER presence, chanted mantra which Devi has given him before. Devi communicated HER unhappiness about what is going on in the world, on HER name how priests are taking money, some are chanting some Mantra and take Rs 1000 in their pocket and others scare on MY name and charge Rs 2000. If any time Ridam takes money on HER name SHE would take away all the powers which SHE has given HIM in fraction of second. SHE was feeling hot her hair were open as Ridam was showing through his hand. SHE went to take bath in the pond on the side of the house, which is not clean. Ridam saw HER going inside clean but when she came out the water turn into dark due to pollution of the earth. SHE said water is dirty and stinking, this is the dirt of the earth . SHE said this house is clean because there was HER temple long back with Lord Krishna, there was lots of Puja in this place, everything went down in earth quack.

Today people are bursting cracker but I will burst in next 15 days three times then they realize.

Ridam wanted to open his eye twice during Puja, SHE said don’t try to open your eyes your mind is in MY control, even if you try you cannot. Then SHE asked to tie her hair, which Ridam did. SHE asked for food and told Ridam to take the Prasad Devi asked for more food and then wanted to rest. SHE went into sleep at the end of the the puja.

Rina Visualized Gods (October 17th 2009)

Rina stayed back home on Diwali to meditate. First time soon after closing her eyes she could see Lord Vishnu clearly and followed by other Indian Gods, Laxmi, Shiva, Ganesh and Saints: Ramkrishan, Vivekanand, Sharoda ma, Ravindranath and Gandhi.

Later she saw Kali ma’s huge live statue at my home with smiling face. Ridam and I were praying HER. She was in deep meditation for one hour from 7.40 to 8.40pm.

Her happiness was obvious on her phone call. She was always critical of Ridam’s experience and was challenging him what Devi would communicate to him.

November 21st 2009 Ann's Rebirth and Shiv puja

Ridam was reminded of Anns rebirth 3 month and 14 days later

December 16th 2009 Tuesday New Moon

Early morning Ridam felt like meditating not knowing the significance of the day. He saw, Devi Kali, Jesus, Balaji Venketesh. Devi predicted few important dates
Ridam's death : 54years 5month 11 days
Rina's death : 59 years 25days
Ann's rebirth : 2 month 28days

Feb 12th 2010 Shiv Ratri

Ann's rebirth in 27 days

March 4th 2010

Sit for kali puja on 6th March at home with Sriporna in traditional dress, dhoti apply kumkum on the chest and head, Sriporna should wear red bordered sari. Arindam has to cook prsad, khichari, bringal and potato fry, sweets and start puja at 6.30pm, sacrifice a pumpkin

March 6th Saturday 2010

At 6.30 sat for puja Sriporna could see glimpse of Ma Kali and saw her grand father in a garden in UK
Arindam saw another life with his Sriporna in some place starting from K, there was a kali mandir in a cave on the top of the hill and both of them used to do puja. Once king of that place wanted to take charge of the place which Arindam resisted, resulted in loosing life by King beheading, Sriporna escaped.

Ann will take birth in 9days 10 night on a sea side in a state with name starting from K. She will live in a village with traditional setup. Day will fall on 16th March a new year day for Karnataka and Andhra.

March 16th Udagi

On Saturday Sunday meditation got message about birth of Ann on Ugadi at 1.20pm 140km southwest in Karnataka.

July 11th 2010

I went to see Dr Manoj's new clinic and then visited Ridam for dinner. It was Saturday and he was regular in weekly meditation. Messages were almost repetitive. Yesterday he saw Brhamand and Devi was showing how we are entangled in materialistic world of maya. He saw the scale of Universe which is created and destroyed by Lord Brahma.

July 24th 2010

Ridam got message during meditation that he has to do Kali or Shiv puja on next Lunar eclipse (21st Dec 2010) with two red flower to clear Shani effect from Anns next life. She was born on the 26th Nov which is Shani's No 8. By this puja solar effect which will counter Shani on the day of eclipse.
All planetary positions are decided by Gods. I can go with Ridam for puja no body else since they do not believe.

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