Sunday, September 6, 2009

Messages of Vishal

Vishnu @ 11 2009
Vishal is a 11 years young boy, thin built, sharp eyed, dark complexion, intelligent, outgoing and smiling. He is always ready to any work which I am doing. He came with his parents and elder brother one year ago to take care of our house. He was unusually attracted to me and used to follow all my activities.

First Meditation experience on summer holiday

One day he asked me “Why do you meditate, can’t you do Puja”. He was doing Puja since very young age. He used to hang around me whole day, during his summer vacation, I thought of hypnotizing him. He went into deep trance soon after guidance, and started visualizing “ Lord Ganesh he is taking me to HIS father’s place, Lord Shiva is there with Durga Ma, they have blessed me and now I am going to Lord Krishna, then to Lord Rama, Lord Jesus and then to Shirdi Sai Baba” He was in trance for more than half an hour and his visualization was very clear. Since then he started sitting with me during meditation and most of the time Lord Ganesh used to come during these session.

Devi Saraswati Visited our Puja room

We have a round small Puja room with conical roof on 3rd floor. After completing the house we went to Sri Lanka, due to leaking roof over 5 years it was damp, we could use for Puja or meditation. My friend Shyam sing came to see energy level of my new house, and found very high energy level of the room after dowsing. He explained, there is no connection between physical dampness and energy levels. Vishal was insisting me to meditate in this room.

During June first week 2008 we were leak proofing the dome. It was strange experience by Vishal’s father who was on the top of the roof with another worker, suddenly they felt as if whole roof was moving down like a spring, it was very scary experience. They were very sure it was not illusion due to rock blasting around.

11th June 2008 in the evening Vishal wanted to meditate in that room with his brother. Lord Hanuman blew Conch shell, immediately he was cut off from the surrounding noise and saw Red Sari which was going up to sky and feet in front of him, SHE was Saraswati Devi. Slowly SHE started becoming small to fit inside room and sat on the small stool, which became much larger than its physical size. SHE chanted Om and then asked the date. On Vishal’s reply When Vishal replied 11th June, SHE said “ tomorrow is 12th your school is opening, you cannot speak English well, if you want to learn English come every day I will teach you. “ SHE told him not touch meat or go near anyone who is eating. SHE was spoke mixed Telgu and Sanskrit. Vishal felt her presence in the house till evening , when a knock on the main door, when he saw outside Devi was there and she waved good bye and went.

He was seeing Lord Ganesh daily HE used to speak to him in Telgu which is his mother tongue. Devi Saraswati and other Hindu Gods where talking in Sanskrit which he could not understand. One day, Devi told him to come back only when he has learned Sanskrit.

Lord Shiva Healing my brother

My brother had serious brain problem, after discharge from the hospital I was giving him Reiki. Vishal was also there, he saw Lord Shiva as a doctor wearing white coat in a big hospital, the cot on which my brother lying went up in the sky to Lord Shiva. HE gave healing white light and told brother would be alright. After long suffering and paralysis my brother improved.

Vishal was doing mediation for some time one day he came to witness Ridam in in deep meditation. He started calling Vishal as Lord Krishna and told him come near him and asked him to you play flute. In deep trance he was making gestures of playing flute for long time and then told this boy has Lord Krishna inside. Since then Vishal was staying most of the time with us.

Ramjan and Navaratri 2009

Gradually, Vishal got busier in school and stopped meditating. He used to come to the shrines every morning, light lamps, burn incense sticks and pray before going to school. He did well in his school last year. Recently, he was suffering from recurrent cold and was not keeping well. His mother was worried and told me that when he was meditating, he was doing much better.

On Saturday 15th August, 2009, after a long time he sat with me for meditation. He fell down like Ridam and started chanting "Om" with deep rhythmic breathing. He was rolling on the ground, and then he bowed down. He could not remember anything except at the end of the meditation; he saw at first a sword coming out of the water and then black hair of emerging Ma Kali.

On friday 21st August, 2009, Vishal again came with me to meditate in the evening. While meditating, I heard Vishal uttering mmmmmmm; afterI opened my eyes, I found him rolling on the ground. Then, he was kneeling down and with cupped hands started looking up and placing his hands on his face. His head was rotating; I was not sure what was he doing, but it reminded me of similar head rotation during automatic yoga back in 1980s. He bent his head down and both his hands were behind his back in Namaste position. He was chanting some mantra, but it was not clear. There was an evening prayer call from mosk in the background during this session. Aftersome time, he sat down in perfect lotus pose, eyes were closed and patting his cheek, holding his ear in a typical posture or Mudra, similar to what Hindus do when they are before a deity in a temple.

After meditation, Vishal explained to me what he saw. First, a man with a golden dress and cap with pointed end turned up. His ears were projected out like an animal. He showed him a path to follow. There was another human like character who also showed him the path. There were trees along the road, at the end of the road, on one of the trees, he saw Lord Jesus; it was different form than what he had seen him earlier. Branches of the tree were encircling him. It was not a statue; HIS eyes were moving, looking down but not speaking. There was an apple tree with lots of apple. Vishal was hungry, so he asked whether he could pick up some apples, but Jesus did not reply. His eyes were slowly moving and trying to tell something.

Later on, he saw a bear like animal with big teeth but talking like a human. He was huge, like a building and he gave some water and bananas to eat. Next, he was taken to a place with lots of trees in a garden, therewas a man with hair all over the body, and his hat was also made of hair, he could fly and was a believer of all religions. The man asked Vishal to kneel down. Vishal asked why HE was punishing him; HE did not speak and guided several postures which I witnessed. Vishal was hungry, so, he asked him to give him some food and then HE took Vishal to a place with lots of fruits and food to eat. Vishal ate and when Vishal asked whether he has to pay, HE did not speak. Vishal wanted to pick up butter like food to eat, but, the owner stopped him; however,when the hairy man looked at the owner in anger, he allowed Vishal to eat and apologized. The hairy man left Vishal on one side of the sea and HE crossed the sea to reach a land where Hanuman temple was there and lots of peoplewere praying. Vishal was taken there where he sat in Padmasan (Lotus posture) and was patting his cheeks and holding the ears. Vishal alsosaw a Devi's temple on the way to Shirdi, he prayed and ended the session.

On Saturday 22nd August, 2009, Vishal wanted to see who those characters were. He fell on the ground after he started meditating andthen was chanting ommmmmm. Lord Hanuman took him to the road to meet Lord Jesus. They showed him a path which was different from the path shown a day before. It was a new country, there was a church; he stood up and stretched his arm on his side, lifted up and then with the cup of his hand bathed the divine energy on his face and body. He was touching his chest and temple typically what Christians do in church. After a long prayer, he bowed down and came out of the trance.

On August 26, 2009, Vishal came for meditation with Sunita. Heimmediately started stooping and doing various prayer postures. Sunita and I could not keep our eyes open, we were in deep trance. Vishala gain saw a man with golden dress; he said, his name starts from Surya/ Chandra. He crossed Jesus Christ and saw a hairy man. He took Vishal near the sea and took some water from a nearby river, chanted some mantra and asked him to pour into the sea five times. Then, a wave from the sea came up and started talking in Sanskrit with hairy man which Vishal could not understand.
Few days later Vishal found himself in a mosk praying and ate food later. This is the Holi month of Ramjan.

21st September 2009 was Ramajan Id for Muslim. Vishal wanted to meditate. He went up to the roof at 5.30pm and started praying towards west. When he sat for meditation, he saw over green carpet same hairy man came and took him to a place to eat. He ate fruits, sweets and then saw on green cloth many people were eating. There was moon and star symbol on the green cloth. Then he saw the man flew away.

Devil Chasing 2009

On the evening of October 1st, 2009, Vishal came to meditate; he started making mmmmm sound and then stooped and stood up stretching his arm and calling out to Jesus Christ. He then protruded his tongue and raised both his arms over the head like a snake and started hissing. I was meditating and in between opening my eyes to see what was happening.

Later, Vishal explained how he was going through the same path and saw the same hairy man who was following him. Then, he saw a big devilish character with golden eyes dressed in blue chasing him. Vishal was scared and asked for help from Jesus Christ and the hairy man. They tried to hit him with energy coming out of Jesus Chirst’s chest and the hands of the hairy man, but could not kill him. Then, he saw Ma Kali emerging out of water with her tongue protruding; she tapped Vishal with her long tongue to turn him to a snake. Then, Vishal started hissing and bit the devil on his head; he fell on the water, which started boiling. Devi Kali through her tongue lifted the polluted water, filled in a bottle and kicked in the sky. Her face was changing into Lord Ganesh, Lord Shiva and Lord Jesus and the hairy man was offering his prayers to her.

October 9, 2009:

In the evening while meditating, Vishal stooped and started making Ommmmm sounds. He stood up and went close to Lord Shiva’s statue and picked up the Trishul and sat on the ground. He started pricking his left hand with Trishul continuously. There was no response to call, he continued pricking his hand and then he lifted his right hand and hit the left hand with Trishul. Later, he fell on the ground; but, got up and took the scent stick and put off the fire by hurling on the ground. Vishal stood up and caught hold of the statue’s neck. After I took away the statue from him, he sat on the ground and put the oil lamp off. Vishal seemed restless unlike the previous meditation sessions. On asking him to open his eyes, he asked to throw the oil out.
He could not remember most of the session, but what he saw was a devil entering his body. Then, Lord Shiva started hitting him with Trishul. Later, when the devil tried to hold Lord Shiva’s neck, he was kicked into the fire.

On October 10th, 2009,

Vishal was meditating and he immediately stooped forward and started chanting Ommmm. Then, he moved towards the oil lamp and incense stick, his eyes were open and the eyeballs were moving up and down. I knew that he was possessed, I removed the lamp and incense stick from the room as he was becoming violent and put the bulb on. Since he was getting out of control, I used deep breathing and used high energy to send the devil out. Vishal fell on the ground and started protruding his tongue like Ma Kali; he then kneeled down and stretched his hands and neck to the side, he was seeing Jesus Christ.

After meditation he did not remember anything, except that some soul entered inside him and left when I sent energy.

October 11 2009

Tripti came back from Bombay TCT conference, she brought garland and Prasad from Siddi Vinayak temple. She tied sacred thread from Haji Ali to everyone and blessed everyone with garland from Siddi Vinayak, then Vishal wore for meditation to protect from evil forces.

He saw Lord Hanuman sitting on a hillock, Vishal tried to put his garland to Lord Hanuman. Then the Devil came but Hanuman could not chase him. Susequently Little Ganasha came, HE asked Vishal are you wearing my garland? Later Vishal put the garland to Lord Hanuman WHO grew gigantic size, Devil also grew with him but as soon as he touched the garland he received a shock, Hanuman hit him with his Gada, devil grew small and fled away. Vishal could not see Devils face.

October 12th 2009: He sat in meditation wearing Siddi Vinayak Garland, started chanting ommmm and then folded hand. He was moving both his hand rotating in front of chest and sending energy to someone. He was throwing flower from his garland and saying go go. Later he stood up with eye closed and moved with folded hand near statue of Lord Shiva and picked up Trishul (Trident). He Sat on the ground and started hitting Trishul in right hand towards left side on the ground, he continued hitting for 9-10 times and then sat quite and opened eyes.

What he saw was same road when he was going a Devil was chasing him; initially he used his power and flower to scare him. Later Lord Hanuman entered into the body of Vishal and fought with Devil, than Lord Krisha and then again Lord Hanuman hit him with Trishul and killed the Devil.

Hairy man identified

14th October 2009: Meditation started smoothly with Ommmmm chanting and bowing down. Vishal started stretching his arm from side and posturing

with one knee in front of other almost like Surya Namaskar. He was bowing backward with cupping and folded hand during praying. Later he stood up with head bend forward and started hopping slowly around the room circling Devi Kali, with eye closed. He took 5 circle and during last circle he was rotating himself around and moving along the round room.

Then he lay down on the ground in Sastang Pranam position, got up and started swimming on the ground. Slowly he moved to the one corner of the room and started chanting Allah O Akabar and praying like Moslims. Later he stretched arm prayed like in a Church and sat in Dhyan mudra.

Hairy man took him holding his hand to through the sky to a huge temple of Ma Kali. Many saints were praying and chanting mantra. Vishal did all posturing and prayer rotating around Ma Kali. Hairy man was also accompanying him and everyone bowed and respected him.

Later He took Vishal to a water body were he took bath, swimming and then went to a Mosk to pary. Later he met all Gods Who have rescued him from devil, Lord Jesus, Lord Hanuman, Lord Ganesha, and Lord Krishna.

Today Vishal could recognize Hairy man as Santa Clause wearing hairy white dress and hairy cap pointed in front. Every thing is clear now as Santa Loves kids and believes in all religions.

Fighting with Demons

October 15, 2009

After praying Vishal went near Lord Shiva statue and picked up one empty plastic oil container. Subsequently he stood up and started fighting in a dancing pose with the bottle. Once he fell on the ground and then got up again and fought with the bottle. Later he stretched his hands in kneel down position and his head started falling back. Suddenly he stood up and started dancing like Lord Shiva. He touched Ma Kali and Lord Shiva’s feet and finished meditation.

While he was going through a path there were several demons started fighting and once they killed him. After that Santa Clause came and killed all demons and healed Vishal. He was beaten like Lord Jesus when he was making similar pose. At last he saw Lord Shiva and danced with him followed by prying HIM.

October 17th 2009 Dipawali

Vishal went round the ground floor room in trnace and did some automatic posturing. Later he went near Radha Krisha and prayed. He saw Santa buring rockets and offered him also to burn few. Later he saw Ma Laxmi and prayed on Radha's photo.

Healing Beyond Medicine

October 19 2009:

Next week I have a meetup on above topic, it was not clear what to speak. Today’s session of Vishal made my talk.

He developed cold 2 days ago and fever with cough yesterday, we asked him to stay home to prevent spread of infection.

He did not go to school on 19th October due to cold. There was improvement, but discharges had become thick with nose block and cough with sputum.

Immediately after sitting for meditation he started noisy breathing from mouth, soon he stooping forward and sat in Vajrasan and dragged himself to near Lord Shiva and Kali. He was doing sweeping movement from his hand over the statue of Lord Shiva and Devi and then taking hand it back to his face. He took the flower from a bowl with water and offered to Devi’s feet, took the water and sprinkled over Devi and Lord Shiva and put it his head and washed his face. Later he drank the water.

He lifted the plate up containing oil lamp and incense stick and offered his prayers to God, followed by dragging himself in Vajrasan around the deity. Then, he squatted on the tip of his toes to dance with eyes closed and his hand balancing his body. Slowly, he stood up and danced like Lord Shiva; after that he sat in meditation for some time and then took the flower from Devi’s feet and put it over his head. Vishal circled the flower around his face and put it back on the plate. Then, he took the oil lamp and placed it over his head and meditated. After a few minutes, he took the lamp and poured oil from the burning lamp with eyes closed on his hand and applied over his head and face. He was breathing deep and was gesturing dance mudras with his hand. Next, he took the incense stick, peeled it and applied the sandal paste and then ash on his face and forehead.

I could see that his discharge was getting clear and there was no blockage in the nostrils. At last, he took the flower and pealed its petals and cleaned the face off oil and sandle paste ash and inhaled heated petals from lamp. At last he got up after the prayer.

Vishal later recollected that he was walking along the road when Santa came and flew him to a temple which also lifted like a lift to reach Lord Shiva. He offered his prayers to Lord Shiva and then Lord Shiva made him lie down and bathed him from head to toe. It was Lord Shiva who was dancing and not Vishal, Lord Shiva applied oil, sandal wood paste and ash over his face and body.

Vishal felt much better after the session and cold has gone next morning.

October 20th 2009 Thnak Giving

Vishal was much better, he wanted to thank Lord Shiva for healing him. He took Shiv Lingam, milk water, kumkum, two bananas, and five lamp.

We started puja with buring lamp and incense. He went into trance and played music with stick (tat tat tatai tat) then danced with keeping two lamp on hand and later without. I recorded whole session. It was again Santa who took him to Lord Shiva. There was drum beat which he was playing and Lord Shiva also danced with him.

October 21, 2009 Dancing with Lord Shiva

Vishal was ready to dance and I was to take video record.. He went to Shiv Loak without the help of Santa. There was drum beet which he also followed. Then he prayed and went round Lord Shiva and danced. Later He picked up the heavy statue of Lord Shiva and Danced and meditated.

At the end he took vermilion and put it over all deities forehead and then on his head and tongue, rubbed it and then protruded tongue like Ma Kali. He smeared vermilion over his both had and mixed it with oil and put it over his face and hand

I recorded full session and took photograph later.

October 23rd 2009

Vishal sat for meditation and started dragging himself in kneel down position. He was saying don't touch me, then protected himself with vermilion and flower, and threw few burning matches on chasing devil.
Ma Kali came and killed the Devil followed by Vishal did HER puja in trance. Devi told to do puja on Saturday 24th October at 7.30pm. SHE asked to give blood of Vishal like Ridam.

October 24th 2009

We prepared Bhog, arranged all puja material and started at 7.30pm. I pricked Vishal's finger form blood which he put with vermililon on the forehead of Devi, then he searched the knife which was kept behind, and telling Devil not to touch him. He killed the Devil as Water melon and bathed devi with blood (water melon ). He offered food, fruits, lamp and chanted some mantra. Later he offered us prasad. Session was recorded.

October 25th 2009

Sunday there was meetup on Healing beyond medicine. I showed all video's of Vishal, Ridam and some Sri Lankan cases. Basabdutta had severe back pain for 10 year most likely muscular. Vishal did healing in trance with the help of Lord Shiva doing manipulation and exercise in trance for 1.5 hours in the noon.

Later he also healed me also calling Lord Shiva for one hour, initially manipulating and then Lot's of exercise. Pain was not less during session then I slept and pain vanished.

26th October

Morning I did meditation with spontaneous asanas and some mudras. Evening Vishal came with me and he saw in trance Lord Shiva and Babaji. He said Babaji looked short young and with long beared age around 60. Babaji was meditating with Lord Shiva and Vishal was describing HIM as friend of Lord Shiva.

Vishal took the old dried flowers form the garland of Lord Shiva statue and crushed it with his fist on the ground, then mixed water and applied the paste on his forehead of his and mine. He took the Trident from Lord Shiva statue and did acupressure on my right hand mainly on the center of the palm and then middle finger. He said it was not he but Lord Shiva and Babaji who were doing the healing. He moved my fingers and hand and then series of exercise on standing and sitting for spine and limbs.

After I returned from my clinic at 9.30pm He did healing for my mother taking match stick for applying pressure. He stroked with matchstick on the back of right hand web of fingers and center of palm, did few passive and active movement of the hand with my assistance. Then he did similar stroking of feet between great toe and second toe on right side, moved the toes and did passive movement of the right leg. At the end he did softly massaging of fore head. It was Lord Shiva who did the treatment but Babaji was there meditating. Mother slept well early without sneezing and turning tossing like other days.

(Babaji is Adi Guru of Kriya Yoga )

October 27th 2009

After dropping Tripti Airport for Cape town visit, Vishal and I sat for meditation. He arranged, flower, coconut for Shiva Puja. After washing coconut and applying vermilion he broke it and with the water he did Abhishekam of Lord Shiva chanting Mantra. Babaji was also there. Then offered flowers to Lord Shiva, Parvathi, Ganesha, Kartikeya, Ram, Sita and Laxman. Did some exercise mixed stretching, bending for half an hour.

Vishal took flower and did healing for Ma and physiotherapy in trance. Ma went into sleep at 10am but got up at 3am with little loose stool.

October 28th 2009

Vishal came at 6am to do exercise, we cleaned the puja room and then he told that he had a dream of devil entered into my mother's body and he was unable to remove, asking for my help but I was not coming. He got up early scared of his nightmare.

During morning meditation he saw devil coming towards him he killed him by throwing the trident of Devi and then washed Devi with holy water sat for short meditation and did few stretching exercises. I did meditation and some asanas.

Evening it was different Shiva Puja, Vishal picked up Lord Shiva Statue washed it with water and kumkum, and chanted mantra, asked me to drink the washed water with kumkum. Did aarti with camphor on half cut coconut, and then took kumkum and water applied on my forehead and his. He went back on the wall and wrote Shivam, below that Om in hindi and below drew swatic and above Shivam three lines. He took the Shiva statue and kept on the west side of the puja room for that night and asked Lord Buddha statue as Babaji beside Lord Shiva.

When I came back from clinic we sat again for puja . Initially he offered water to Lord Shiva from half coconut and gave to me and took it, than offered flower chanting mantra. He did aarati with camphor on coconut and chanted Om Shivam Shankaram mantra, Guru Deva Guru Brahma. We ate the roasted coconut as prasad. Puja room floor was red with spilled water and kumkum.

All three days puja was in different style and protocol, Babajis presence was interesting since we have Kriya Yoga session on Nov 1st at home.

29th October Vishal to Vishnu

Morning I got up at 4.30 am and cleaned the puja room. Vishal did puja in ground floor and I did Meditation and spontaneous Aasanas.

Evening we went up, Vishal washed Lord Shiva with water, did Aarti and then offered sweet to Lord Shiva, Ma Kali and Lord Ganesh. He was holding hand and asking me to do puja like a priest. Applied kumkum on fore head center and on side of the temple. Later he said from today my name is Vishnu not Vishal.

I cut the cake in first floor and offered it to all Deities then to my mother. Whole night i was getting stretching of the limbs and some mudras.

30th October : Animal worship

Vishnu came at 6am and woke me up. We cleaned the third floor puja room, bathed all deities. Then came down for puja after wash. Vishnu searched on incense stick and said you should burn two not one. Then he opened the drawer searched some coin and kept on the side table top. After he told after opening eyes we need to keep Nandi or an animal during meditation.

In the evening we did puja for our dog Blacky washing her legs applying kumkum and touching her feet. Then we went up for Kali puja. Vishnu applied Kali photo with Ash and then Kumkum then washed the photo and ask to drink the Charnamrit. After putting the photo on the stand he shifted it to the south side and asked to keep it for 1 night. Later he smeared kumkum in his and my hand applied on fore head and with hand put mark on the floor and then drew something which we realized later as Devi's face. He touched my head down on the water and kumkum applied it on the head and told from today my name would be Kalikarjun Dev and his name will be Mallikarjun Vishnu. He asked to bring sweet to offer to Devi at 10pm and then give prasad to Blaky or dog.

October 31st 2009: Animal worship

Morning I cleaned the room and realized Kumkum is not original and contains some color probably lead mixed. Ask Devi to pardon us for not using this toxic substance instead shall use some red vegetable juice tomato or beatroot. Explained this to Vishnu too.

At 4.30pm we went to a Kali temple as told by Vishnu in Vikarabad road with Govind and Arvind.

Evening Laxmi mother of Vishnu was sick and having backache was taken for healing, she did guided Aasans for backache for one our. It was not possible to for her to do those posture without guidance. I brought flower and two coconut, Vishnu did Abhishekam of Ma Kali and Blacky with Coconut, messed tomato, water and flower. He kept HER photo on the west side and did long puja for all family member including his grand ma.

He saw one lare Om like structure in the sky with support from below. He went up through the power of Ma and entered into the center of Om where Ma was sitting. When she was washed with tomato which Vishnu saw as red fluid. It went up on the tail of the Om and came out on the Chandrabindu and disappeared. On the lower limb of Om there was an opening with Swastic and central Om as small button through that people could enter.

November 1st 2009: Annand Sanga Workshop; Nandi Puja

There was a workshop for Anand Sangh two teachers came from Pune Cris and Devendra. Krishnadeep from Banglore and three students. We went up with Devendra, Krisha and Mother of Nitin. Vishnu went into trance and did Kali puja with water, ash and then did some pranayam in lying down position. He smeared the was with Ash and Water Kalis face. He saw Ma Kali on a red platform in the sky he was sitting on the side of Ma and all corners had Swastic. He also sees Swatic like structure in the sky and at the end of each open end there is a platform on which may priest sit for puja in Cheer Sagar, they come down and bring water while doing puja. He also see some beautiful birds in these divine places.

Evening Shobha came with her child and husband. She had some fear for some time and a fan fell down on her child one month ago. Vishnu washed the Kali ma and Nandi with water and Milk, offered banana, later he mixed the tomato and banana with milk and gave it to all of us.

November 2nd 2009: Moon God Puja

Vishnu washed Nandi with milk and water and gave the prasad to Blacky.

During evening meditation on the third floor Vishnu came late but soon after going into trance got up and went outside roof top. He asked for incense and in trance spoke something.
He asked me to bring, flower, milk, sweet, curd and water to offer puja to Moon God and Nandi by 9pm.
We sat for puja with all preparation, he washed Nandi with milk then curd and water, took 5 sweets (Peda) each chanted mantra (Chnadra devay namah, Brahma devay namah, Kali Devi namah) mixed sweets and
fruit. Offered flower lighted lamp and did aarti, gave prasad to Ma Kali, then me and took himself.
He was taken near moon by Ma Kali as SHE was guiding puja ritual. SHE told to sleep out overnight.
After dinner I slept out in moon light Vishnu went home.

November 3rd 2009: Ayyappan Puja

Evening meditation Vishnu was guiding me leg bending and stretching postures through Lord Shiva. Suddenly he saw Ma Kali and said ok ok, SHE wanted to give some important message. Then he went down and brought two tomatoes, few plates, knife and water. We sat for meditation Vishnu saw some miscreants surrounded him when he was passing through a jungle. He took the knife, and killed them in a dancing style. Subsequently he did pooja for Ma Kali cleaning her photo with tomato, then water and did Aarti. He started singing Sharnam Sharnam Ayyappa clapped and played guitar from Ma Sarswati, Drum, flute, manjeera. Ma Kali instructed do to Ayyappa puja for next two and half month using flower, two fruits, five earthen lamp and milk, curd coconut.
I went to Shilparaman and brought Ayyappa brass statue. He sat for meditation and went up to ask Ma Kali the method of puja. SHE told to clean the statue with curd and milk followed by coconut and water, offer flower, keep two banana beside and light five lamp, then sit for few minutes inside room but move out to do puja in moon light. After following her instructions we moved out with all puja material.
Vishnu went into trance in moon light called Aviniash who stays in a room on the rooftop. He guided us to chant Ayyappa mantra, offered flower to Moon God and Ayyappa. then sweet and banana. He was sitting in perfect lotus posture doing pranayam and band. We stood up prayed Moon God and Ayyappa swami.
We mixed the Charnamrit with sweet and banana and made delicious prasad. Afterward we moved Ayyappa swami to inside the room.
Vishnu saw Ayyappa sami sitting on various animals photographs as he was astral traveling.
Ayyappa puja is totally new to our house and we had no idea to this new ritual which is very popular in south India.

November 4th 2009: Learning Flute

During evening puja for Ayyappa, Vishnu said I will visit Lord Shiva and ask for flute, it was not there in the room, but Lord said it is there, he opened eye and went down and got one attached to a red background of Ma Kali. Lord Shiva taught few basic steps of flute and ask to come back at 10pm. HE was playing a golden flute.

At 9pm we went again, Vishnu went up to Shiva Loak and played flute for some time.

Sword Play

November 5th 2009

Today after Ayyappa puja Vishnu played flute and danced asking me to meditate. He moved all Gods west side and with flute playing a game of sword taught by Lord Shiva, keeping banana one end of the room and hitting it. There were may Robot around who were also attacking him. Once he won and then could not hit the banana.

Out of Body Techniques

06 November 2009


Yesterday Lord Shiva was teaching how to take soul out of the body. He was instructing to relax and remove all the thoughts from the mind and think only Lord Shiva. Then he told he would teach next day morning 6.30am.

On 6th November I got up early and cleaned the puja rooms. I started doing spontaneous mudras. Vishnu came late and ask me to lie down. Then he took Lord Shiva statue kept on my chest, He pricked my palm with needle and put the hand over Lord Shiva. He took water from bottle filled in the syringe and wanted to inject in by vain. When I asked what is he going to do, he injected inside Lord Shiva's Statue.

He saw Lord Shiva taking HIS soul out of the body it was green color, then he took it back. Vishnu said we can do it any time taking it out and then back.

He wanted to inject divine water into my body when I was scared Lord Shiva took it to HIS sole and then transferred to my body.

November 8th 2009 Sunday

We came back from Pune seeing Arpita. Evening there was a puja with Bhog, Pulihara, Mixed vegetable, Payasam, and 12 fruits. It was guided by Ma Kali. We took prasad at puja room and them gave Kali Ma prasad to rest.

November 9th 2009

Started puja keeping Lord Ayyappan on the west side, Vishnu came and in trance changed the direction to east as directed by Ma Kali. Vishnu played flute and then took the vessel on which we had washed Ayyappan and played like a drum with flute. He danced at the end. Lord Shiva has a music and dance room with all the Indian musical instruments. HE goes there to pass time. They are all made of Gold, ALL Gods wear gold jewelry.

Sound Meditation

November 10th 2009

Lord Shiva wanted to teach us Sound Meditation. After Ayyappa puja Vishnu went into trance and started speaking in English.

" Today we will learn sound meditation, there will be drum beating but you should not hear it and keep on visualizing and move up. " Vishnu started playing drum with two steel vessel, and flute too. He was guiding me to move into a road and follow whatever I could see. I was visualizing Ayyappa, Laxmi, Saraswati and then Lord Shiva, Ganesha, and few saints. There was a light coming from front and while I was trying to follow the light he asked me to come out and told this is not a good day. On Saturday we have to go to a Shiva temple and then practice meditation.

Vishnu visualized Lord Shiva entering his body and he started speaking in English without his control. He visualize Lord Shiva in different dress, some time with Dhoti and chest open, some time with God jewelry and other time with western dress coat and cargo paint.

Shiva Temple in the Garden

11th November 2009

On 8th November we went to Mrs Shyam Sing's home, he gave a Kali Yantra. Vishnu was told by Devi Kali how to fix it on North or East side facing the house. We fixed it in the garden on the coconut tree facing home. Sunitha came in the evening for meditation, Vishnu also sat and after going into meditation took me out to the coconut tree with lamp and incent stick. He asked for water and sprinkle it over the tree and on us. Then he came to the lawn and guided some stretching exercise and then swam all around seeing a celestial water body with red colored water, Lord Shiva was jumping and swimming with him. Later he saw a talking fish with hand like tortoise.

12th November,

Evening we sat for meditation in the ground floor, Vishnu saw a small temple of Devi and Shiva with Ganesh in our garden and asked to make it.

When we went up to meditated after Lord Ayyappan puja, Lord Shiva asked us to go out in the rain for meditation. He asked to promise us to make a temple and have two drums. Then Vishnu was asked to take bath in rain. There was drum with rain water. He took 5 dips in side to clean and repeat it for 5 time s before making temple. He put water on my head also. Next morning asked to get up at 5 am for bath.

13th November

We got up at 5 and went to clean the third floor meditation room then went out in meditation. Vishnu went to take bath in the drum coinciding with Shiva Mantra chanted outside temple.

Evening Vishnu took bath for 15-20 min in the drum in trance seeing himself in south Indian sea. He was taking bath with Lord Shiva who was going inside water deep and coming out like a diver. Next morning we were ask to take bath in the water collected from rain in the garden at 5 amand asked to give Shiv Puja in the evening with 5 guests, menu of prasad was pulihara, 5 vegegtable curry, paysam, 5 fruits and cocounut.

14th November Saturday

We got up at 5am and after cleaning the meditation rooms went out in the underground water tank and took 5 dips. Water was warm and refressing. We went out walking to Shiv temple at Kondapur about 3km. We reached at the time of Abhishekum and offered cocoanut.

Evening Vishnu during meditation in the garden took Parvati and Shiva Photo washed them and kept with flower at the temple site. We were asked to construct temple the next day. Sridhar contractor of flat opposite our house arranged the temple construction workers.

Since no one was coming for Shiva puja Lord Shiva said HE will ask Lord Ganesh to send remaining. Vishnu, Shantanu, and I sat for Puja for Ayyappa and Shiva, HE asked where are 5 guest and to sit for meditation only when others come. Arindam and Bandhu came and we sat, Vishnu took us out on the roof and after going into trance stood facing North garden side and threw the coconut in the garden. It did not break so all of us went down at the temple side and sat. Vishnu after breaking the coconut, burning Incense, visualized the temple in trance and gave the exact design. He broke the fencing of bush on the left side telling " this is devil tree".

Arindam also went into trance and saw Vishnu as Lord Krishna, me as White Old glowing man probably Brahma. He said Lord Krishna was telling you how to make temple but ultimately I will decide.

15th November

Morning we took 31 dips in the tank taking Lord Shiva statue and kept it at the temple site. Later Durga Ma and Lord Ganesh was also brought. Vishnu went into trance and told areas of negative energy as Devil tree and ask to remove them specially on the entrance of the garden blocking view from our house and probably energy.

Temple construction started as planned, we kept Lord Shiva with Devi and Ganesh on the lawn and washed them in the evening in the tank with 31 dips.

Evening meditation Vishnu saw Lord sarswati talking with Lord Shiva in Tamil. Lord Shiva ask to bring water from Srisilam dam to clean the new temple, which Vishnu was refusing. He also saw few snakes in our garden at the temple site and told to give Nag puja the next day, which is new moon day after taking bath in the morning.

16th November Monday (New Moon)

We got up at 5.15 and after taking bath in the tank and cleaning all puja places in the house went for Nag Puja. There is a small temple of Devi at Indra Nagar, after Nag puja we went to Ganesh Hanuman temple and came home.

17th November Tuesday

Temple roof was laid and immediately followed rain for whole night and next day. We cleaned the garden and had bath in rain. Vishnu took bath in the drum filled with rain water on the roof in trance.

18th November Wednesday

There was rain and cloudy weather

19th November Thursday

Morning we went to Shiva Temple and did Abhishekam, evening Vishu was told to get up at 4 and go to temple at airport road take bath in a water body.

20th November Friday

We got up at 4.30 after cleaning the puja place Vishnu asked in meditation about whereabouts of the place to go and how to take bath. Lord Shiva told to take bath and then go and bring water. HE also told to bring water from 5 rivers for our temple.

Arpit dropped us near the temple after Nanakramguda it was Hanuman temple there was no way to go inside we went crossing the fence and then did puja. There was Ayyappa puja was going on near by. There was a pond about 200x200meters on the back of the temple. We collected water and washed our face and feet and came back walking.

21st November Saturday

Evening there was Kali puja as SHE has told a day before, while meditating Vishnu started wincing his mouth left side and keeping hand near left side, Ma Kali was twisting his ear and telling why did he forget go to Kali temple.

Ridam also did long mediation on the same evening and got the message of Ann's rebirth after 3months and 14 days. We have to do puja at my home on the eve of her birth to clean her soul and fulfill her pending desires. Devi told Vishu will do Shiv puja and Ridam has to do Kali. She also said importance of Shiv puja and Kali and Shiva's connection.

22nd November Sunday

We cleaned the garden around new temple site till afternoon and took dip in the tank. Subba Rao my old friend and a software manager came in the evening. As soon as he entered the ground floor room he started reeling in spontaneous trance standing, I tried to hold him thinking a syncopal attack, but he told it is strong vibes from the room.

He narrated his miraculous healing of right leg, it became infected while going to US 2 years back. His blood sugar went up and US doctors told to amputate his leg. Subba rushed back to India and got grafting done at Apollo Health City Hyderabad. When he was in recovery room a handsome, tall man with spectacles came and touched his head and said " don’t worry I will take care of everything". Subba's cousin could see the man but not his friend. Divine man disappeared the way he came. It was Dattatraya swami, who is one of the Avatar of Lord Vishnu.

We went third floor for Ayyapa puja with Subba. Vishnu came down in trance to the garden and went inside the tank, since we did not take evening bath. He pulled me also for dip, Subba got scared when Vishnu was calling him down, however he gave water to put on the head.

After bath Vishnu went near the temple construction site and went and sat inside. He told Lord Shiva was vary furious and asking to complete the temple even if it takes time.

We went to Kali temple at 7.30 pm at Vikarabad road, it was closed but priest accepted our offerings and we sat for meditation for some time before coming back to pick up Tripti from Airport.

23rd November Monday

It was holiday for GHMC election, evening puja Lord Shiva was teaching meditation.

26th November

Lord Shiva told how to do Puja for temple on 1st Dec with three workers, clean temple with curd and milk, and 5 coconut, put kumkum, make prasad and feed all. On 5th Dec call Arindam and Bandhu to do puja again similar way. This Saturday we have to do Bhog puja for Ayyappa swami.

28th Nov Saturday

It was Bakreed, during evening Kali puja Vishnu saw Chirstmus papa and offered prasad to HIM. Later he asked to pray sitting on South west direction. Devi told to start puja at Garden temple from next day as we had forgotten to bring coconut this day. Arpit's in-laws have come from Bangaluru with Pallvi, we had Ashirvad on 27th and shopping on 28th.

29th Nov Sunday

After dropping Arpit's in-laws to airport we did evening puja of new temple keeping all statues inside and offering leaves and flowers of all plants from garden, applying kumkum, and burning lamp.

Gopal ki ma got a message that she has been booked on 30th Nov for heaven, Bhaidi and Suman have reache there.

30th November

We did second puja for our new temple, Vishnu told about what to offer for next days puja. Pulihar, White rice, dal, payas, and fry, five raw vegetables, five fruits. We have to wash the temple, fix Om on all the three walls and top. Put some cloth below all statues.

We have to go to Sai temple on Thursday and offer coconut.

Dec 1st 2009 Tuesday Full moon

Temple was ready for inauguration with temple workers. Vishnu, Govind, Sandeep ,Dilip and me were there.

Temple decoration: with two coconut leaves on the side and flower garland to all three deities and put on a yellow cloth.

Puja: five coconut were broken and water was collected in a vessel with Srisilam water. All three deities were washed with above mixture by all of us with mango leave. Water was also sprinkled over the temple and we went round the temple once. Aarti was done for all Gods and Moon.

A vessel was filled with Srisilam water and five mango leave were put and over it a green coconut. All of us applied kumkum. This Ghat has to be there till Saturday when there will be another feast with five of us who were there on first day of temple construction.

Offering: Prasad were offered to all deities, food, vegetable and fruits. Vishnu distributed vegetable and fruits to all of us.

At last all of us went to the corner to see moon and prayed, Vishnu opened eyes there and came back of prasad.

Visnu saw in trance a white temple over a rock and all of us were there doing puja. Lord Shiva was happy to see White temple which was not what Vishnu first saw in trance. It was colorful temple of Andhra style.

Dec 3rd Thursday we went to Sai Temple at Kondapur, received high energy blessing.

Dec 5th Morning went to Shiva temple at Indira Nagar there was no priest so we sat and came back. Evening there is puja for Lord Ganesh, as today is Ganesh Sankranth Chaturthi, came to know in the morning. Arindam, Bandhu, Shantanu and Vishnu will sit with me. Five recipes, Pulihara, Puri, Payasam, Dal and Curry, Eleven fruits, and five raw vegetable. Tripti has gone to Kolkatha in the morning.

Dec 5th Saturday Sankranth Ganesh Chaturthy

When the Astrosage SMS came about the day we realized it is Ganesh Chaturthy. Bandhu has gone to Srisailam since he did not receive my SMS. Arindam could not come because there was TRS Hyd bandh. Arpit and Arvind replaced them and we had great pooja. Two coconut leaves were removed and asked to dispose at Hanuman Lake on Airport road. This was Boudi's birth day and marriage anniversary, so puri was replaced with kachori.

Dec 6th Church Visit

Morning 6am Vishnu and me went to Hanuman lake walking. We took bath and immersed the coconut leaves in the water.

In the evening we did Ayyappa puja, Vishnu asked Lord Shiva about the Church, since he was busy he did not answer and asked to find out.

We went out in search of a church in anjaiya nagar but it was closed, then we came to the Gachi bowli chourasta and found Kings Church. We joined there , a priest was doing some hypntotic tecniq and people were going into trance. He was telling about how this Church can become a gateway of heaven and why we should be careful about speaking any negative words.

We came out early because Tripti was coming from Kolkata and we had to go to Airport.

Dec 7th Mosque visit

we went to nearby Mosque in the evening prayer. Imam and other visitors were looking at us not doing prayer according to Muslim way. I was getting high energy and continued even after their prayer was over. Imam called Vishal and asked his name. Later they asked me why have we come? On telling them I reside nearby and came after getting message to visit mosque.

Gouse son saw us and took to his house and offered tea.

8th December Temple History

Long ago there was a jungle in this area, a poor women came with a child and left him here. God sent Santa as old man to look after him, he made a small hut for the boy and taught him to do puja. Boy grew up and made a small temple just like now. He died and with him all the deities went up to heaven.

Who was that boy?

December 9th 2009: Vishnu had ear pain and pain in the gum, he was asking Lord Shiva for remedy but he was busy and told to ask me. This Saturday and Sunday we are going to Tirupati and Vijayawada for Tripti's lecture and temple.

Friday we were asked to do Kali Puja at night.

Dec 14th at nine Vishnu asked Lord shiva to help making fever medicine for Ma. Curd, milk and Shrisilam water were mixed with tulsi leave and incent stick was pealed and little oil was mixed. Mixture was kept over night to Lord Shiva. Laxmi, Shantanu, Tripti all are having cold. Vishnu was asked to visit Narshimha swami temple at Ydgirigutta, take 101 dip in a pond in the morning before this year end. Ridam has talked to Krishna a coworker at Magna for Yagdirigutta arrangement his father was head priest there. We would start in the morning and reach there.

Dec 15th 2009: Lord Shiva told to make a tank behind the temple. Vishnu was telling there is no place and shall make on the side, but later we found a place and started digging next day.

December 17th Thursday: Lord Ganesh reminded that we have exceeded the 41 days puja of Lord Ayyappa and coming Saturday we should conclude it by taking a black cloth keeping rice with turmeric and take it on the top the head to a river or pond with a earthen lamp on the hand.Puja should be done with 7,11,13,17 lamps and to cook pulihara on a new vessel, 5 recepies, 5 uncooked vegetable and fruits and payas. This Saturday was planned for Sirdi Sai puja with Lord Ganesh and Devi. We were asked to go to Sridi temple immediately. It was very nice puja and lots of energy poured in

December 18th 2009

Vishnu came down to library in trance and recorded:

Menu for Narshimha temple

1.One large garland
3.Incent sticks
5.Banana for Monkey
6.Orange for Narsimha swamy

We have to go and take a dip in pond then do darshan and come back

Morning we got up at 4am and went with Venu, Bandhu, Arvind, Vishal and me with Arindam and family to Narsimha swami temple.

First we took 101 dip in the divine pond near the temple.

Chief priest arranged our entry from back door and we had great Darshan, Arpit wedding card was given to Lord. After feeding banana to monkeys we went down to another temple of Lord and Hanuman and came back.

Ayyappa puja concluding procedure:

1.One new vessel
2.1L Curd
3.1L Milk
6.White rice
8.5 fruits and coconut
9.5 uncooked vegetabels
10.Bringal, potato and papad fry
11.13 earthen lamps
12.Black cloth with rice and haldi
13.Srisailam water 1L

We have to start at 3pm cooking and start puja at 6pm. Then go to the go to Hanuman pond to drop the rice and take 13 dips and float the lamps on the pond. Offer coconut

Sit in Hanuman temple offer coconut and incent

At least 3 of us have to sleep under sky and next day go to Narsimha swamy temple.

Bandhu and Venu came in the morning 19th Dec for his father's illness. He was keen to know the details of various experiences and than decided to join the evening puja. Banduji arranged 13 lamps.

We started puja at 6.30pm, and later Bandu Venu also joined. Rice and turmeric mixture was kept in a white cloth and went to the Hanuman tal to drop it and then took 13 dips in the tank.

We came back and slept on the roof in open sky.

Dec 21nd Visnu was meditation and met devil on the way, they threw a boll of hair like weapon which entered his stomach. Since then he was getting pain in abdomen and vomiting sensation. He did not go to school. We were digging new tank behind the temple.

Evening meditation Lord Shiva told him not to fight with devil and call HIM if required. Lord Shiva punched on the chest of Vishnu and the ball went out of the back of the chest . Vishnu took it and gave to Ma Kali. Pain reduced.

22nd Dec small stool Lord Shiva took Vishnu's hand and wrote in Arabic some verse and made it Allah stool. Visnu felt lot of energy from the stool.

23rd Dec 2009 My mother in law fell down in the morning while walking. Lord Shiva asked to bring all flowers from the garden Visnu took them smashed and mixed with Srisailam, Hanumantal and Zamzam water, offered it to Gods at 12noon it has to be heated and then offer it to gods and them apply for any pain. We were asked to bring a star for the coming Christmas. A Santa star I got.

24th Dec Morning Lord Shiva guided how to celebrate Christmas. Decorate the temple and with colored ribbon and balloons, bring 5 sweets and cut cake. Go to Church in the morning . Lord Shiva told Visnu weather we have forgotten Lord Saraswati. We have to go to Vargal Sarswati temple on 26th morning and in Jan to Vargal.

25th Dec. Lord Shiva told us to go to Saraswati temple at Vargal. We started at 5.30am with Arpit. We did Shani puja, Ganesh puja and then Saraswati puja, it was very effective. Morning we were late to go to Church at 1pm we could go to Angjaia nagar Church, then we bought cake, sweets and garland. Evening Vishnu went in meditation and cut the cake, asked me to take photograph, offered sweets to Jesus, all Gods and Allah. He burst all 5 balloons. Lord Shiva was guided him throughout. Lord Ganesh took him to a place were Lord Shiva arranged a Chirstmas party, there was a big stage and a cake. Ma Parvati, Ma Saraswati, Lord Visnu, Lord Ganesh, Hanuman and Prophet Mohamed, Santa, were there among other Gods. Christmas tree was decorated with lights. Night all Churches were closed.

Dec 26th Saturday We did Lord Shiva and Sirdi sai puja, Abhishek with Milk, Srisailam and Zamzam water, which was later used to apply on eyes. Prasad of pulihara, paise and 5 vegitable curry, began, was made. Next Saturday onwards we have to fast and break fast after evening puja only. We were asked to feed Naag Milk which we forgot go offer after our temple puja. We went Hanuman Ganesh temple and offered milk and burn incent stick and lamp.

27th Dec Sunday we were asked to go to Raj Raeshwari temple at Film nagar. We came back walking. Evening after coming back from Reliance mart at Tokichocki we went to church but all were closed.

28th Dec day of Mohharram Zam zam water was offered to Allah and with remaining water Vishnu washed his eyes and kept to apply any site of pain. After coming back from Mosque we sat in meditation. Lord Shiva was teaching medicine to many student in a large modern hall with projection wearing long white coat. I was used for demonstration of all fingers, heart abdomen. There were Om written all over the wall. Vishnu could not understand anything. Monday Muharram we went to evening Namaz at near by mosque at 7.30pm. We offered Metha ka Parotha with Simai to Allah, Lord Shiva asked to bring Zamzam water. Vishnu went into meditation and Lord Shiva went inside him to guide Allah puja. He started chanting Allah o Akbar in kneel down position and then took Zamzam water sprinkled over the temple of Allah and on us. We applied it on eyes. Food was offered which we took as prasad.

Dec 30th Wednesday there was bandh by Telangana agitators. We went to Peddamma gudi by auto, there was no crowd.

He had headache and wanted to go to eye doctor, but I suggested to use ZZ water, his pain reduced. Tank on the back of temple is over there was rain in the morning , but it is leaking after filling. We have to take dip in the evening for 5 days and sleep outside temple. Gopal ki ma on phone I told all about messages and temple, she was worried and called Tripti and ask her to keep me under control and not to let me go out of home. She misunderstood my messages.

For last 3 weeks we were ask to go to Sirdi temple at Kondapur, it is crowded and there is good energy. This Tuesday after evening meditation we went to Sirdi temple, there were no crowd.

Jan 1st 2010 Went to Allammagudi at Bulkumpet.

Jan 2nd 2010 Saraswati and Laxmi Puja on first floor, Ma Laxmi was asking about my mother and Ma Saraswati about my mother in law

Jan 9th Kali puja and Shiv Puja at 3rd floor.

Jan 14th Basara Saraswati temple visit and dip in Godavari temple

Jan 16th Saturday Kali puja on new Vigrah brought by Sriporna from Kolkatha

Jan 17th morning meetup on Satwik Aahar and evening went to Church

Jan 20th Saraswati puja in the morning and evening went to Peddamma gudi temple

Jan 23rd Nani mukh and Gaye holud for Arpit

Jan 24th went to Bhopal by AP Exp

Jan 25th Arpit marriage

Jan 26th Back to Hyderabad

Jan 28th Boubhat and Phool Sojjo

Jan 30th Flight to Delhi and to Allahabad

Jan31st Babu's marriage and dip at Sangam

Feb 1st back to Delhi

Feb 2nd Santanu reception

Feb 3rd back to Hyderabad

Feb 6th Arpit Reception

Feb 10th Tripti went to Rome,

Feb 12th and 13th Shiv puja at temple and dip at Hanuman tal in the morning

June 9th 2010: Vishnu became became busy with examination and stopped meditating, after exam he tries to meditate but get giddiness or pain, summar vacation he was watching TV. During Subhrdis visit from US he was with us for philosphy class.

Patient came with her mother and saw light on third floor and Lord Shiva and Parvati

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