Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Divine Messenger

Ranala is 25 years old PhD student of cognitive neurophysiology. I saw his EEG when we went to Apollo to show them electrophysiology lab, his EEG was full of alpha waves.
He is mediator since long time and he feels presence of some one who talks to him and guide him. He tells about anyone whom he talks and once there was wrong prediction by him, since then he asked them to go away. The guide disappeared but told him that he is not doing what he is suppose to do.
His family was looking for bride for him but they told he cannot marry.

When he sat for meditation with Verna, he went into deep meditation and saw several soul came from a fume and sat beside him surrounding him. There was long conversation, they wanted him to promise that he should be celibate, then only they will guide him. There will be Laya and then during Sristi he is required and those guides are there to guide him in the process.

When we went up in the puja room he saw Lord Ayyapa and told he is coming soon. He has gone several time to Kerala at Ayyappa temple.

I asked him to come next day to go to Hanuman temple. We went there in the morning walking, he was reluctant to take bath but they told this for Trigunsuddhi, while taking dip in the pond he felt strong energy inside.

This is an artificial tank, filled with rain water after an NRI party wanted to make flat there. They dig the place about 20 feet but due to recession since three year it was left like that and we were guided to come there.

19th March 2010

During meditation saw God's Virat rupe laughing while strong cyclonic waves washed away Pyramids
When Ranala was small Lord Ayyappa used to come and one day took a promise from mother that after 20 years they have to hand over Ranala to him. He has to be celibate and in spite of there several effort he could not marry.

Ranala was asked to go to Tirupati on next Friday (Good Friday).

30th March 2010

Ranala got message that my mother is soon passing to other dimension. He has to come for meditation at my home during full moon day which is on Tuesday which come once in 60 year a Hanuman Jayanti.
We meditated at 11pm at third floor.

2nd April 2010
Ranala went to Tirupati and had vision of Five Gods around him Lord Venketesh as Ram, Lord Saraswati, Lord Narsimha, Lord Ayyappa and Lord Jesus.
Lord Ram told Lord Kalki is ready and showed a Divine white horse.

June 9th 2010

He came to meditate once and got a message to go to Srisailam during first week of May. He was disturbed with his academic result. He refuse to follow any command and not coming for mediation.

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