Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Gift of Fear

Verna is a 35 years old Hindu, married to a Christian. Very sensitive and animal lover, psychologist. Met me at IIIT neurophysiology course. She was getting scared at night when suddenly her soul comes out of the body and she could see her sitting on the chair, when it repeated for few times she told me. On Friday 12th March she told about seeing a bright light on the left side, she was scared and could not see. It repeated on Saturday and Sudnday at her friends house, she was feeling much better and relaxed.

I asked her to come to my house on 15th March Monday in the morning a new moon day with Kiran.
Immediately after sitting in meditation at ground floor room on guiding to come out of the body she fell down and saw bright light on the right side, there were changing shape inside the light. We were not sure about the source of light. She was feeling relaxed and excited after the experience.

We went up to the third floor puja room where she could feel the energy. When we came out of the room and walking on the roof she was feeling energy and heard Omm sound and then recognized the light as Lord Shiva.

Immediately we went down to the Shiva temple and she sat for 15 min, where she saw a pink light and shower of flower towards her. She was very happy following the experience.

She was asked by friend to go to Sirdi Saibai she agreed.

30th March 2010

She had a dream of earth quack when earth got separated and her husband with one of her twin daughter were on the other side.
During her marriage someone has already told that she will be separated from husband. She was very disturbed.

3rd June 2010

Dream: she saw her grand parent in dream, which means there will be a death in her close family.
IIT there was two suicide, on girl took poison and other fell from top and both were alive.

Last meditation she was hearing Gayatri mantra for a month.
Today she went into cloud and saw two eyes which became Ganesh and she heard "Yada yada hi and om gan ganapthi namah.

June 27th 2010
Verna came to find out is there any way to know the black magic effect at home. Every one fell sick after her aunt came home and sprayed some red liquid in the bath room.
I took her into trance and asked to go to her house and see the light in each room. She found her bed room dark, where one of her relative staying since few days. She is not able to clean the room. This boy has fled away from home and now working in a call center. Room is very messy. She has to clean it. Bathroom and other rooms are relatively clean.
Her PhD in cognitive science was approved in IIIT, she was happy.
July 5th
Verna called to tell that she has seen Shyam Sing in her dream warning her not to go out on 10th of July 2010. She is going to Chinnai for Autism conference on 7th. Conference is on 9th and 10th July. She has fear of warning.
Shyam Sing has told her to go to Chinnai and pray God to protect her.

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