Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pratham Sristi (First Creation)

Pratham is a 9 years old boy with severe episodic neck pain, visited several physician before being referred to me by my homeopathic friend.
There was trigger point at GB21 both side of neck. I asked my acupuncturist to start deactivating the point. Pain increased one week ago and they came to my home. After meditation his pain has disappeared and they came back to thank me with bigger problem.
Grandfather of Pratham was depressed due to loss in his business. He was unable to restart even after several attempt. They are settled in Hyderabad over 20 years with hardware business.
Every possible intervention has been tried. I did not have any ready solution. We tried divine guidance.
Kamoni mother of Pratham went into deep meditation on guidance and saw Ma Durga seated on tiger with several hand. She also saw light. No clear answer came.
I was not looking at the problem at the physical level which is depression. Next level of duality of good and bad fight, cause and effect confusion. My aim was to find the higher divine message behind these physical appearing problems.
They will do cleaning of the house of grandparent on next full moon. Sristi has learned Reiki at 9year age last week. She is keen to come to my home.
What dose it all mean? Why have they came to me? What is the next message to me through this divine play?
I have to weight for answers.

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