Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Why did I come to Guwahati?

Dr Gib was 56years old working in Apollo Hyderabad as Marketing manager. He met GNRC Chairmen and joined the institution Jan. 2010. He was a fatherly, loving and caring everyone. His sister is suffering from ovarian carsinoma and daughter had to go abroad for higher studies. He wanted to expand GNRC, working almost 12-18hours a day getting energy from smoking.
My wife had angiogramed him and found diffuse diseases of coronaries. July 2010 he called her to visit Guwahati and then me to see the hospital. I was already prepared to go out somewhere, bought new dress and told Dr Nip at IIIT in March that I may go out next year.
My niece staying at tea garden near Tejpur, dreamt of me an my wife visiting her home but not where they were in Assam even a week ago my visit. Soon they got transferred near Siliguri WB.
I joined the institution, realizing the divine will. Starting neurology after three years was not difficult, new setting and patient was a good change. I was visiting alternate weeks.
Visited Kamkhya, Sukreshwar and Balaji temple in first visit and soon traveling around to see Umanand, Vasishth, Lankeshwar, Hajo Hiagreev, Madan Kamdev, Kedarnath temples.
My family came in Nov 2010 to visit Kaziranga, and Tawang. On 19th Dec 2010 night Dr Gib had massive heart attack and collapsed.
It was difficult for me to accept for a moment, but my job was different, came home at 5am and meditated to release the Great soul from Maya. After meditation, I had a short nap with vivid dream of seeing myself entering in a small prayer room. Opened a long book (encyclopedia) first chapter, but empty pages, went into deep meditation. Dream ended with seeing GNRC our Chairmen. After waking up I was feeling very light and could not trace the soul.
Hospital was preparing to emblem the body and preparing for respectful departure to Hyderabad with me, it reached before us. Dip GNRC employee came with me via Delhi.
Next day we went to console the dear ones. My return was on Dec 26th after a hectic week of consulting and counseling patients, flight was delayed for 4hours and later five hours. I had to cancel due to fog in Delhi and rush at Kolkata.
Next day onwards my mother developed high fever and breathlessness, for a week we had to wake up at night till she recovered and I returned to GNRC on 2nd Jan 2011.
Everything has changed not from outside but I was feeling same like returning to Sri Lanka after tsunami in 2004 Dec. I started meditating more to keep in touch with beyond.

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