Thursday, January 6, 2011

Why am I in North East?

I was feeling depressed and started meditating for longer time since my last return. Today evening Jaydeep Choudhary a 45 years old male came for followup after cerebral hematoma on right side of basal ganglia in 3rd Dec 2009. He came to see me last in Sept. 2009 after getting instruction from an old lady in a temple to go to Chennai to stop sleeping medication.
Without my knowledge I had stopped Frizium (anti epileptic and tranquilizer ) last time. When he was asking about what should he do to prevent recurrence I suggested him to meditate and communicate with God.
Since 1993 he has been getting instructions from Lord Krishna. Once he was told to wait for 15 mins. for rain, and it followed. He was knowing before what a person is going to say. He was a rash driver and once met with an accident but survived.
Before his last stroke he had a dream of his son performing death rite (Tarpan) wearing white dress. He was sure one of them (wife or him) to die. During his stroke he was told that this time he would survive but not to repeat mistake.
Since stroke he has been cut off from divine instruction.We meditated for 45 mins with darshan of all Gods. He saw Lord Krishna.

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