Friday, April 6, 2012

Dream of a head

When I see these vivid dream, my sleep vanishes. It was early morning may be 4am. We went by car to Jabalpur University with my brother and Shilpi my daughter in law. University is on the back side of Badhiya line where we used to live in childhood. After parking car Shilpi went to keep her bag in a open room, I followed her to keep my briefcase. I saw her bag on the floor, she was looking for me and we rotated around a pillar to find each other. There was a cut head of a 50years old man, the eyes of  head blinked, body was beside it was one of her college mate's father. there was no emotion or crowd. slowly few friends came but the girl was quite. I was thinking who is this person, then recollected that, one of her colleagues father had gone out of home and they are in search.

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