Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Children's God Lord Ganesha

Sruti 10 and Guatam 12 came with their mother and grandfather (my uncle) to see my mother on 19th May 2012. I came on 20th evening from Guwahati to Hyderabad. I was busy digging well which is a miraculous place of Devi, when there is drought, and all bore-wells are getting dried even in our house first time over last 10years, there is plenty of water even at 20 feet in this well.
Sruti asked me yesterday (22nd May) uncle, do you see God when you meditate. I told her it is very easy for children to meditate and see God. When her brother asked my reply, she told him "you should find yourself."
Afternoon after taking bath I asked them to come on the Devi Kali's temple on the third floor for meditation. They came running and sat beside me for meditation. After initial ritual, during meditation there was a flow of divine energy in my heart. They were also in trance.
When I asked whispering Sruiti can she see anything. She described Lord Ganesha with mouse beside HIM sitting and watching her. I told her to ask Lord to take her out. She went to Himalaya and saw Lord Shiva sitting on a rock and blessing her, Devi was not there,  mountains were snow covered.
When I asked Gautam about his vision, he also had Lord Ganesh, with mouse in front of him. Lord took him to Himalaya, where Lord Shiv and Parvati were sitting. Lord Shiv explained him how universe is created by him and how he created Varanasi. Vishswanath Jyotirling is symbolism of it.
Sruti was seeing Krishna leela, Who was standing at a distance. He was steeling butter and when caught her mother tied him with rope. After rope was removed he went out to other houses and taking butter. Gopis (Aunts) complained to Yashoda, but He refused that he took butter. Yashoda ma also told that he could not take butter because He was punished just now. When gopis showed butter on his face, he  ran out.
Next He was playing with ball with his friends near Yamuna river. Ball went inside river. He jumped in, there were many snakes. Lord caught one big snakes tail, its five headed eyes turned red. Friends told about Lord's jumping into river to His mother and father. Mother Yashoda lost consciousness. Lord was standing on serpents head and playing flute. They all were happy.

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