Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fear that led to God

Aneeza a 16years old class 11 student came with parents, shivering and crying, she could not write due to fear, pounding heart since one week, started when she was in Air last week. I had to immediately took her to relaxation by deep breathing and aura sweeping.
She relaxed and went home to return back for evening session at  6pm. It was very easy to relax her and listening to her story.
She is Hindu but spend most of the time in Church since childhood in school. Recently she has gone to a new school and misses church. She has also described her mother's behavior, similar to her. She could see different colors light since childhood and banned as crazy-girl. She could get all her answers from Lord Jesus Christ in Church.
After knowing her background I asked her to look for Lord Jesus and Light which she could do and asked to take the light from her heart and let it go to all hers cells of the body.
She came out relaxed and received her sister call from Mumbai, who is a clinical psychologist. When such divine counselling takes place, my job become short and I leave them to Almighty for future direction. 

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