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Un-treatable Pain in Abdomen from Previous Birth

Dec 24th 2012

SM is a younger daughter of my close friend PrM. She is unlike her elder sister who is independent, free and working after her graduation.
SM started getting pain around navel since last year it was transient. This year her pain became more protracted it became so severe that she visited her gynecologist, gastroenterology surgeon and physician. All of them examined and did not found anything on clinical examination. Ultrasound abdomen, CT abdomen and endoscopy were all normal. She was prescribed symptomatic medication without any relief. I was out in Guwahati for last one month. They were planning for family Christmas holiday to Hong Kong. Homeopathy was started initially and then followed to another doctor without any relief.
PrM has consulted his friend Gastroenterology in US who also made same diagnosis of IBS. PrM was reluctant in using medication with side effects. He continued homeopathy with some relief.
I came back on 23rd Dec 12 and examined her; she had some abdominal muscle tenderness both sides. Gave Reiki and ask to come next day.
Today I relaxed her with progressive relaxation and took her to this life to find out any traumatic event, she was visualizing for age one and growing with once chest pain while appearing for examination. Once met with car accident with knee pain. Abdominal pain came first when she was 15 for short time.
I ask her to heel with white life but she could not draw the light but started seeing her one of the past life..." There is a black man who is yelling at me in office, there are lots of files there, a man with suit appears he also scolded me, I got pain in abdomen and went home." "It is some western country with broad clean road, and a multistory flat I went, there is a man probably my husband. He took me to hospital"  " I have gone to hospital several time, they and got operated, there is a scar on my abdomen" She grew old and died with pain, after death her soul went to a temple and lay down, saw a Shiva ling and then went up.
Next life she saw herself with her best friend Anu of this life playing happily but grew old with abdominal pain and died at old age. Her soul went to see her friend and both went together up to sky laughing.
Third life was short but painful; she was tied by rope and being beaten by a lady to death. She was beaten with stick all over, till she lost consciousness and end her life.
Fourth life was in a orphanage, many Children are there, heap of toys but her pain came back and she was taken to hospital and operated. When she grew became wheelchair bound. During last operation at age 21 she died.
All these lives have not explained origin of her pain, and then she saw last life where she was running amok till she fell unconscious, there were three bad guys were standing. They stabbed her to death and beaten with stick. She found the cause of her pain.
Session was finished with forgiving all those who had pained her.
She got up relaxed and without pain ready to enjoy her holiday.
Three day ago when I meditated from Guwahati, Lord Shiva, Devi, Lord Vishnu and several saints blessed her, I was sure she will be alright for holiday.

Jan 5th 2013

SM went to Hong-Kong with her parents for Christmas holiday. Mild pain persisted, but they enjoyed the trip and came back on New Year. I had to back from Guwahati due to Ascension of my brother on 5th Jan 2013 following fatal accident.
Pain was coming back but they were not as concerned as before. SM appeared for an examination; during Math’s exam pain was more severe. For last few days her behavior has changed and she is annoyed with minimal provocation.
15th Jan 2013:
My mind was much better, first time I could do evening meditation, while going to my niece house SM came with her mother for second session. PrM had already took an appointment which slipped from my mind.
Session started much easily, she sat in easy pose taking wall support at my spiritual healing room ground floor.
There was blessing from Lord Shiva and other Gods. Her visualization started after asking her to go back to the source of pain.
“There is a light, small boy is playing with his father, I am also there, very small two years. They (some bad men) are taking me away, I am scared not happy. It is not a good place; they have locked me in a room. I have grown up, there are other girls of my age (15) they are doing bad things with me really bad. Beating me, there is a pain all over body, everything is black, I can’t see anything white light, I am no more"
Next lives were short and I could remember partially, SM and her mother was recording it in her I5 phone, but it was not very clear. I would try to recollect and write it but not in order.
2nd life: SM was growing with her sister who got married, there was no pain she grew old and died after her husband. There was no pain in abdomen.
3rd life: There is a train she was rushing; her sister and brother are also there in the same train. There was a scare of bomb blast; they were running away from home. All got injured probably from some accident of blast and that life ended.
4th Life: She was small could not walk, going to school happy. Grew old not very happy everybody is touching her,
5th Life: Wearing red long gown, entering into a castle with a man may be brother. They are from royal family, speaking some language could not pronounce properly. They lost the war and had to vacate the castle. Everyone is sad and crying. They had to life bad life, starving. She got married to someone at 21 and went back to castle but died next day due to starvation.
6th Life: She was working came home with pain in abdomen. A man took her to hospital, she got operated, they found pus in abdomen, pain relived following operation.
7th Life: She was in a office working hard they were appreciating her work. She had done lot for the office.

17th Jan 2013

9.15PM Hyderabad India

She was guided her to go to the happiest life.

1st life: Joint family in Russia

All of us are sitting, grandparents, parents, uncle, aunts and cousins
Sitting and laughing.
What is your age? 20
What dress are you wearing? Colorful frock.
Grand pa is like Nana, one of the aunt looks like Poonam mausi (maternal aunt). All of us are eating.
What kinds of furniture’s are there? Wood, round table.
Is there electricity? Ya. Congested place cannot walk around the place.
Which place is this? Small town.
Which language are you speaking? I don't know, not English, I think it is Russia.
Someone rings the bell, someone coming inside. I don't know who.
I can' see anything, I can see only dining hall. All of us are old, Nana and Nani are not there, only cousins are there, we are old. I see small kids... Do you know them? I don’t know them. Seem my grand children, I am playing with them.
I am lying down in some room, really old. Everyone is around me. Everything is black.... everything is white, all white, I am going somewhere, I am dead, someone is calling me. He is trying to talk to me.

2nd Life: Handicap in orphanage, abused

I open my eyes in some room, white light, someone comes, talk to me, I am at breakfast. I am handicapped, can't walk, I am in wheel chair, 8-9year old. Eating breakfast, there is a small girl sitting right besides eating.
I got ready to go to school, everyone is like me handicapped, all of us enjoy going to school. We were happy. But there is a boy silent, never spoke to anyone. All of us try to talk to him. One day I follow him, someone took me to a place, it wasn’t nice it didn’t feel good. I was in danger. They took advantage of me; there are many people with boy. I was crying every second. I was being physically and sexually harassed, it wasn’t good. I was in pain.
That boy who was always there, his eyes staring at me. I was in lot of pain, everything is black.
After life:
Everything is bright light around me. Some person is trying to call me, he is asking to come near him. That man is telling me something. I don’t know him who is he. He is telling something, goes away.

3rd Life: Happy life in Joint family in a Palace,

I am sitting there with a small boy in my lap and sleep.
I get up, I am in a garden. In the room 15-16yers old. I had fallen down we were playing all ten of us with the ball. This place is huge like a palace. Garden was big, many maids around us, they took care of us. We all liked a nice lady. Her face looks like PM (elder sister) the way she talks is similar. She is asking how the day was. She is nice. She is our guardian she is nice.
Few of them are of my age in 11th or 12th class. We are deciding college. She is sending us to whatever college we wanted to go. We have graduated. She is old. We take over her business. She died of old age.
We take care of money, whatever comes out of business.
We go in a train, we leave the place. We are running from some group as fast as we can. We reached some safe place. We can see bad people, searching. We tell everybody to keep quite. They find us, they shoot us. One of them shoots me, I die, but nothing is black. I see myself stretching, I pick up some thing and through at them, it kills that person. Everything is black.

4th Life: Car accident in India by two bad men

There is a light flashing at me its a car light, two men in it telling something one of them is drunk. I walked passed them, they pass comment, I ignore, I walk. I can’t see anything else.
This is a different place, looks like Indian road, scooter, cycle, pedestrian, busy crowded.
There is nothing can’t see anything after that. Can see people walking, I see blood, lot of blood; met with an accident those two people killed me. I am bleeding, may people around us everything is black.
Everything is white.

5th Life: Happy life with husband no kids, die old age

There is a small boy with me holding hand and walking. I step in a car and fall. I am in bed someone beside me, he is my husband. We get ready to go to work. Both of us are working happily. We have no kids, we are old. Both of us die together. I see my soul going with my husband. I have the boy but no man. Someone comes. She is telling me something.

6th Life: Dies at 13th after mother’s death with cancer

I jump again to the ground with the small boy. I am really small, I have white curly hair.
I am in a hospital there is a lady who is in pain. I don’t know why I am in hospital. I see many emergency cases being rushed to the emergency room.
I am sitting clueless, someone comes near me, takes me to some room, a lady is lying down. I think my mother, she has cancer. Doctor tells she will die soon.
I am alone, she was only with me. I die by starving, no money, and 13th year lots of loan to clear.
Everything is black; there is a white light, bright white light in the bottom.

7th Life: Small boy my son, bathing in cold lake

I don’t know where I am. We are sitting and eating, just two of us, a boy, 20 years old. We take a swim in a lake, very cold water, we came out immediately. Later both of us are married. There is a small boy with us the same boy. He is my son, he grows up. He is 25 now; we are really old, dying. I die everything is black.

8th Life:

There is a white dressed man, came to talk to me. He tells me every time, its bothering me. I see a woman with glasses I have seen her before, face is very familiar. I don’t know who she is. There is a man he is holding my hand, he takes me far, I can’t se anything outside, that place is not good. I don’t feel comfortable. In some corner dark room, someone opened it, there are other men. The place is not good at all. I am physically and sexually harassed. I run but they harass me till I die. I can’t see anything, my eyes are closed I am in a lot of pain. I can’t do anything, it’s becoming black.
The boy some things are white color around. I am trying to follow it light. A woman is telling to follow me direction. I don’t know who she is. That lady is very familiar, with glasses. She is telling something. She is asking me not to be scared of anything and she leaves.

9th Life in a ship

I am in some ship; many people are going from somewhere. One night high tied, three of us outside standing, we are scared we may die. Its high tied, ship is drowning, and all of us are running around, I am left behind. It has crashed its sinking. Someone in a boat, I can’t stay there. I see rescue boat, there take me, I am in a hospital, people are treating me.
Someone take me, I am old, coughing, my vision is blurred, it’s turning black, darkness everywhere, and small white light coming towards me.

10th Life; Mexico, stunt man

 I see a man, the bad man eyes. I run as fast as I could. I am in some other world. Small town like Mexico, lots of fun. I have friends there they are from USA, everybody like Mexico, they are laughing. I was some kind of student, used to do stunt. I tried one and got hurt, I was in Operation Theater everything is dark. I can’t see anything.

11th Life:

There is man talking to me, telling me something good, he comes hold my hand I am small 11year. Big man nice he tells me something about life, live as much as I can.
I can’t see anything there is a yellow light, it is from some temple, white color, I am going there. That man is with me. It’s Lord Shiva, I am sitting with Lord. That man is asking me to pray, I close my eyes. I am seeing Shiva Linga, I am praying that man is still with me. I am 10. I don’t know that man. I am outside somewhere with that man. I go with him I don’t know…

12th Life: Bad man cutting hand and throat

I see some eyes he scares me, he is pulling me my hair, he cuts me take a knife and cuts my head, I am crying. A man he is not leaving me. Everything is dark then there is a white light.

13th Life: Happy life

I am in a world happy everything happy, everyone is talking, and it’s nice to be there. I am still 10years old. I am 25 years everybody talking to each other. I am in some house. I am working I have a kid, both of us really happy. We have lots of fun. I grew old, he is student, and he got married. I was there with him every time. I was very old 80 years, had grand children cute. I was old lying down, sleeping.
Everything is black. There is a white light comes. Then an old lady talking, telling you lived a happy life, she left. There is a white light, everyone is white. They are sharing happy memories all white

14th Life: Head injury

I am in some room, hospital, admitted I don’t know why. My head hurting, there is a bandage; I am 25-26 years old. I can’t remember. I have short term memory loss, I am taken to the operation theater, everything is black, a white light, a boy same boy. I am carrying him, he is telling me something I don’t know, and everything is white.

15th Life: Car accident

The kid is there with me he is following me I am running away from the headlight, I see that man eye I am running from him a car hits me everything is black, it’s white. I am white no one this time. It’s nice place. I like to be here. Everything is white no one is there. I can see someone comes near me she is holding my hand, telling me something. I don’t know what. It’s important, I don’t know what. She leaves.

16th Life: Happy life garden

I am sitting somewhere, it’s garden, same age lady, we are laughing we have kids. I am 35, all of us are laughing talking, nice everything. We grow old, kids are old married. I die because of old age and walking towards a guy, everything is black, white, walking laughing and I am very happy.

17th Life: Family sister and mother starved to death

I am in some room some toy room we are playing. I see a lady, I am 4 only. She is my mom. We are playing. I am really small. There is a girl like PM (elder sister), exactly like her, but girl is younger than me. I am studying abroad with her. We have no money. We earn for each other, but we lost a loan, we couldn’t pay we starved to death. Everything is black. There is white light. Someone is calling me but everywhere white. I can’t.

18th Life:

There is a tree, I am sitting 10 years , reading some book, many of us are reading a boy all of us are close by we have same garden, we come every day  and go back home I went to college. I studied; I had a job a family. I lost my parents, I am old. Kids are big, everything is black. There is a white light bright there is a old women like an angel and small boy again. They have gone, I am happy , everything is white. I am happy. I can’t see anything everything is white.
Relaxed in white light and went home after two hours of session

Jan 28th 2013

SM had an examination pre-final. Pain started again but mild. She wanted to meet me and came back at 8.30pm. PM her elder sister also came because she has pain over spine and body without fever.
It's white.. you can heel yourself and PM…

Life 1: Blind in US

I can see a door, black door, lots of people coming from the door, everyone is happy laughing. Some comedy show, it's old, American kind of comedy show. Most of the people are blond. I am sitting on a bench all alone. Waiting for someone, who comes and sits beside me. He looks like Suraj (cousin). He is counseling me. We walk home, he put me to bed. Everything is black. I can hear, feel, smell, people holding hand but can’t see. I am around 24yers old. I think I am blind. Can hear laughter, can smell but can’t see. Someone is holding my hand small boy. Same small boy, I can see he has smiled at me. I am sitting on a sofa very old. I am talking to people of same age, can hear them. One of them looks like Nimi (friend) other one looks like Sephali (friend).
Everything is becoming black, everything is white.

Life 2: Girls are beaten and stabbed to death

That man, talking to me, those eyes is staring right into my eyes, telling me something. I can see lot of people, beating everybody, bleeding, everybody crying all girls. They are pulling them with hair. It's not a good place. I am also there, all blood around me. They are hitting us. If we don’t listen they cut with knife. That man with eyes coming hear me with knife. I don’t know where to go, he take knife, cut my throat and stab me. Everything is black, everything is white.

Life 3: Bad life beaten to death

There is a lady talking me, she is white, everything is white. She is warning me to stay away from someone.
I am walking it's a small town. I am six years old, cheerful. I am older, walking on the same road. Someone scolds me, that man doesn’t seem good he is putting me somewhere. I am crying, I don’t want to go. Those eyes, he is pulling me. I am crying it's not good place. My eyes closed I am yelling, I have lot of pint I can’t move. They seem to enjoy what they do.
Everything is black…it's white.. I am really happy where I am its peace. No one is there, no evil eyes, not even small boy.

Life 4: good life having fun

I am really small, 4 years, I am playing around, having lot of fun. I am 16 am having lot of fun loving my life. I am working in a small office. I am happy, happily married. I am old really old 76years. I am lying down looks like my coffin dead. But someone is calling me some one taking me soul, same man evil eyes. He is asking me to follow him, everything is white.
I am really happy, he is telling me something, apologizing for something. He is telling he is sorry for what he has done and he walks away. I am alone, confused but happy. Small boy is near me he is only 2yers old chubby blond hair, never seen him before. This evil eye said sorry, he is tall, black hair.

Life 5: Died of Accident in hospital

I am in some room; someone is trying to wake me. See two people; I am in hospital, one mom other dad. There are so many people, they are asking me who am I? Where am I? Am confused, I don’t know. I met with an accident. I have brother he has same evil eyes, who died. I am in a hospital bed … can’t move, I am crying can’t stop crying.  I can’t breathe any more, it's suffocating. Everything is black in front of me, everything is white.
I see my brother waving at me, he is telling he is waiting for me, same eyes it's him. I am happy there.

Life 6: Son and me killed for not signing a paper

This small boy holding my hand he seem like my son, he is pulling me around, in a garden, having lots of fun, someone came taking him away. I am crying searching for him. I know someone took him away, searching crying. I find him after a day bruises everywhere. He is scared. The place is bad, someone hit me on back, I am tied, and head is hurting a lot. My son is somewhere. They ask me to sign something I say no they killed my son in front of me. They killed me later. Everything is black … white..
I see my son he is happy, he is playing with some man. They both are happy, all of us are happy here. The small boy looks like Shashank (Nephew). I am happy here everything is white.

Life 7; PM as sister and Shashank her son, died of accident crossing road

I can see same small kid, I am very small. He is giggling 7months old. I can’t see near me. I get up to see how he is, in a hospital.  Someone is lying down his mother. She looks like PM that kid looks like her son. I am the only one supporting her. She is in home talking rest, all of us are happy. I am working, crossing the road, car comes and hit me. Everything is black. I am opening my eyes with baby noise I can’t move. I can see a doctor beside me he is talking to me. I respond back. Everything is black.. it's white.

Life 8: Car accident fell off a cliff, meditated with Lord Buddha

It's raining heavily lots of cars are driving its hilly area, a slop. Heavy traffic can’t see anything. It's all white. I died of road accident. No one is here I am happy, lots of peace. The car which I was driving went right at the edge, I lost control the car fell off the cliff and I died. It's black.. it's turning white. Can see someone else with me..I don’t know how she is. It's Sanjo masi, she is holding my hand I am happy it's all white. I see some god it's Lord Buddha. He is asking me to sit beside. I sit and meditate. I can’t see anything its all white.

Life 9: Boat house in sea, died of drowning. Colorful heaven

Its blue I can see water. I am in a ship. My family lives on a boat. All of us live there lots of fun, in the middle of the sea. Its high tide, water comes over boat. It's not safe, no help it's in the middle all of us in the water drowning. Everything is black; it's slowly turning white its white. Everything is white. There is lots of peace, lots of color; I don’t know where it is. I am happy its colorful.

Life 10: Died of cancer

My head hurting I open my eyes something on head some bandage. No one around me, I get up, someone comes near me. They ask me not to move, I am talking lot of rest, lots of injection it looks like I have cancer. They give me chemotherapy. I am old really old. I am lying down. I have some kid around everything is turning dark.. There is white, light come over it I am happy here.

Life 11: Died of fire in match factory

I am standing for some bus at stop. It's not India, I am going, I catch the bus. I get down there is some library. I work there. I am in a college in a University sitting in a class so many people. I am working in some factory. That factory makes lighters. The factory in fire everywhere everybody is running around, all are running. I am saving people, asking them to go I have burn body is hurting everything is white..
It's giving me peace; no one is here to disturb me. I am happy really happy. I can’t see anything all white.. it gives lots of happiness. Lots of peace, feels like staying here.

Life 12th: Running in a train to small town, died old

I can feel shaking something, I don’t know who. Its train there is many people are hiding from someone. We are running for safer place we reach a small town all of us start living here again. I am old really old. I am coughing, I can’t breathe anymore. I close my eyes everything is black… white it's gives lots of peace. I like the white light it's nice. Everything is white.. Can’t see anything it's all white..

March 27th 2013

SM was not willing to undergo any more session she was doing well. Her 11th class examination was over without any pain.

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