Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pain in abdomen returned

July 09 2013

SM came on 8th evening with recurring pain in abdomen now spreading to the side also. She was not willing for meditation. She was meditating for one month without any pain, but now unable to meditate more then few min. Pain has returned. She decided to come back on Wednesday 10th July with father who has gone out of station. July 9th evening she called me “can we have a session today; I could not go to college due to pain. I will come after dinner by 9pm with mom” 9.30pm we started session with initial meditation she was comfortably lying covering herself and ready to record with iPhone 4. I also brought my notebook. After 5min of meditation I asked can you see anything.

First life… “It's white ……….. There is a old car….it’s raining…I am sitting, someone is driving … looking for…I stop near very old house...lots of light decorated...I am giving payment to driver… it’s a taxi. It’s raining heavily; I am up for a party. In side huge hall, so many people all girls are in gown and boys well dress suits. It’s beautifully decorated waiting for someone to come. Someone is coming, guest of the party, newlywed couple. Everyone is congratulating, all of us are just talking, eating, having fun. Someone is knocking at the door, they are banging the door. Few people walked in… they are holding the couple harassing them. I am trying to defend. Someone has hit me with the gun on my stomach, then my head. I fell unconscious. People are calling my name, they are shaking me to get-up. My head and stomach are aching..Everything is black and it’s white….I can see a small boy beside me, talking laughing; he is touching my head and stomach. He is telling it won’t cause pain anymore.”

Second life… “I was sleeping 16-17years old. Its dark raining heavily, I can hear sound in my room. See same eyes looking at my eyes. I couldn’t move, I was yelling, he told me something, he is asking me to accept him. I am trying to excuse, he told something, hurting me. I am not in room, somewhere else. It doesn’t smell good, rats. I have cut’s bruises, rats are coming, many rats, all over biting me, everything is dark, can’t see anything. It's white…..”

Third Life…. “I am going round, up and down, someone is holding me, it’s marry- go-round, I am small. I am holding on to somebody, looks like papa. Playing round…he is lifting me up, throwing me…My mom died so dad is only support. Dad is not in town I am at home. There was someone knocking at the door, peeping through the eyehole. Some stranger he wanted to call somebody. I didn’t open, they left afterward. I and dad are going somewhere, he was singing on a care, we are going… someone hit a car…everything is black… white. Can see that man walking past me looks at me smiling and going, everyone is smiling at me. Someone is coming she is telling something..Its white……”

All these three lives were new but short, she died premature, in two lives about teen age 16 years same like her age now. Why she suffered so much, is it really her past life, so many patients we see everyday where there is no explanation for there suffering, is it all related to there cellular memory, these were some of the question my wife was asking after the session.

She slept till morning and went home.

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