Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Unknown fear after pain in abdomen

SM was doing well for last 6 months busy in her studies. On 29th Dec 13 she called me to consult immediately. Trance was easy ....
" 1st life:
Something black.
House.. someone tying to open it. can hear keys, someone trying to open the door.
I am hiding in the house.
Small kid looks like Shashank.
They are banging the door, they are trying to break the door, they are in..
They took small boy away..
They shoot me. its all black.. its white."
2nd Life
" I can see someone sitting with blue eyes, he is teaching me something. I am following him, he has taken me through a door its all bright everything is green.
I am 4 year old, playing around happily. Family talking to me...
I am in a closed room everything is black.
Some one knocking the door, I am 17 years, they drag me out.
Stab me in the stomach, they are taking revenge, the man who is stabbing me has same blue eyes.
I am left alone in pain. I can feel all blood.
Everything is dark
Its white"
3rd Life
"I am in a room, very scared, I am 16-17 year sitting in a couch.
Some one is opening the door, I am scared to move..
They breaking, they shoot me its all black. It's white"
4th Life
I can see two people coming to me a small kid and blue eye man. They are happy I am happy.
I can see a black dot, man asked me to follow it, I walked into the black dot, I am in a house. I am kid, they are calling me I am running down the step, I fall I hit my head ..
Its black.. everything is white...
5th Life
Same man blue eye its all white, he is telling me welcome back.
They are lots of people everyone is happy, I have seen everyone's face. I don't know who is the blue eyed man. All other are family, I can see Nani, Nimi Mama, I can see lots of school friends.
Its bright day, I am married, I work in a office.
I go back home, someone hitting me , my husband is hitting me. He came back home drunk, he has blue eyes he is very angry, he takes knife stabs me..
Everything is black,   white.
Its all white, I can see P..chi, S..aj. The othe are looked like Ra..d, all are with me laughing.
Its all white all white I am meditating with someone.. can't see that person clearly.

Leaving her meditating we went out. She meditated for some time and left home happy. There was attempt to break their house at night three days ago since then her fear emerged.

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