Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Journey with Manasadevi- Serpent Goddess

KRK is 36 years old physiotherapist was send to me for his paranormal experiences and depressive episode following death of her mother a year back. He was also asked to see me when his mother was sick, but he was not looking for metaphysical answer and I was not willing to give physical advice.
Last Friday 27th Dec 2013 he came to see me for unable to sleep due to vivid dream of a mother and a half woman half serpent being.  It immediately drew my attention.
He was only child of a large family which became nuclear when they moved for career.  Grandfather was a devotee of Lord Shiva which influenced him. Parents were college friend. Father was ritualistic believer while mother was atheist, who believed in serving mankind as service to God. He was also atheist and sceptic about religious scripture. Father would spend on pooja and donation indiscriminately.
KRK was getting repeated scary dream of a half woman and half serpent (serpent maid) coming towards him to him to embarrass him since childhood. He was very scared of the dream and never disclosed it to anyone. Later dreams of snakes also started appearing.
From his early years most of dreams would come true.  He would make some prediction based on his dreams also. KRK was also intuitive and he could feel the death of his grandfather. Due to appearance of Serpent Maid during meditation his guru never allowed him to meditate.
By the age of 20 when he was in medical college there was break of his parent with severe financial loss. Mother took a job and supported his studies. Career began with struggle from private to self sustained physiotherapist. Wife and mother were supporting but guidance in dream by Serpent maid was coming at the time of real need. He was always looking forward to live with mother after her retirement. Life turned upside down when mother was diagnosed with cancer uterus.  Running from doctor to doctor to make diagnosis and when diagnosis was made it was too late, stage IV. She left her mortal body Jan 13th 2013.
One year was depressing with recurrent dream of mother and Serpent Maid. He was also getting dreams of his mother as queen, and he was a fighter protecting her. Dreams are like out of body experience where he would go out and come back to body at the end. Dreams were exhausting and depressing.
My friend Deep was very close to him and caring. He was like Godfather to KRK, and would listen to all his problems and help him morally and materially. Deep always used to tell me about KRK and ultimately he forced him to come to me for advice on that day. I always look forward for such paranormal cases. We decided to meditate, I saw strange Laxmi devi flying. For long time there was blank but when I guided him to go out of body to fly to sky.
Initially he was seeing a Trident on the sky but when I asked him to look for someone near he saw a sage meditating over snowing mountain. His left eye became big and he guided him other direction. His face was shrivelled like a statue but body was masculine. Then an eye appeared on the centre of trident which became Lord Shiva like mercury colour sitting in lotus posture in mount Kailash smiling at him. Devi was also nearby bluish black like Kali Ma. On asking him to take guidance from Lord the pupil of eye turned into dark cave and he went inside the section of brain. On walking  through the tunnel which was dark with diamond shaped lights at the centre of the arch of tunnel. There were several doors which were cut section of brain and after passing through several such brain doors reached on the other side. It was a blue coloured strange world.
Serpent Maid appeared, SHE was calling him, but he was scared initially.  Then SHE rose on her tail with extended arms.  It was exactly same like his childhood dreams. Slowly SHE turned into Goddess form calling him. It occurred to me as Manasa Devi. SHE embraced him when he started crying.  SHE lifted her hand showing in one direction where he could see his mother’s picture which he always carry.  It was smiling face of mother who moved slowly away waving hand.
When He was with Goddess it was very energising and refreshing. Slowly he returned back through the same cave back, when bright light appeared and healed his brain.  At the end Ma Laxmi appeared and blessed him. A deep energising breath made him come back to his body relaxed, fresh and healed and happy.  He was totally lost during the session, He has never heard of Ma Manasa who is very popular in North East.

I asked him to come next day for next session which he could not make and on asking on next day it was really rewarding session. There was no scarier dream; he had stopped antidepressant and feeling much better than before. He discovered the picture of Ma Manasa which even I was unaware. Later he found an artefact which was exactly what he was getting in dream.
There are many questions remains.  Who is the queen? Who is he? What Ma Manasa wants from him? Only time will tell us.
Next session after a week he showed me the artefact which he got from a gift shop at Hyderabad. Even the shopkeeper has not heard of Manasa Devi. His dream there was no hood on the top of Mother Manasa and no wing like the artefact.
We meditated on the third floor in Ma Kali room. He went down the cave in Patal Loak with Ma Mansasa and saw the same sage who was smiling at him. It was none other than Him in past life.

Ma Manasa crawled along the round wall of the room to roof which he never realized before going to meditation as having conical top.

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