Thursday, March 13, 2014

Guided by Satya Sai Baba

Ms RN was PhD student unable to complete her thesis. She came to see me to help complete her incomplete mission. Her all thoughts are around this stupid thesis.
How can I help, I am not a her subject guide nor I have published any paper. Divine help at my spiritual clinic was the only solution. First day I could see Devi, Shiva, Vishnu, Saraswati, Ganesh ..but she could not meditate. She had a dream of the room in my home was filled with Lord Ganesh and HE was chasing her to kill. Dream of killing is not literal killing by destroying some part of her personality. In this case her Ego, Shell , bondage from which she was not able to come out.
Next day was Akadashi, I decided to do Ganesh puja for all 10 Ganesh Vigrah including Panch mukhi Ganesh. Meditation was powerful and she could relax.
Day three I got up late and asked her to come late. Her friend SL was also waiting to see me. During my morning pooja thought came to take her to trance to find the answer.
After induction by progressive relaxation she could see..
A road, and Swami was standing wearing white robe, only back side was seen. Can recognize him but cannot see the face. He is standing..
Steep road going down
See a tunnel with wooden door and lock... you can open it or enter I guided
Its open but cannot enter
Sealing is green every where its green
there is a narrow stream
Saw grand father he is no more
I have to cross a black bridge, its just wooden plank, cannot cross.. You can jump to cross I suggested.
Walking in a dessert one side and green other its full of muddy area .
I am walking alone Swamiji is not there,
Its is steep down merged into cloud, narrow and far.
Seen my parents and brother
Its cloudy all around I don't know where to head ...Enter and cross the cloud I said.
I can see Swami in orange robe , yellow robe cannot see his face, seeing Him from behind.
I am pleading in front of Him. Seen Green robe I am crying and telling Him
See Him walking straight
I see a stream, Swami is getting smaller in size He has disappeared in water.
Enter into water I said..
He is deep into water, don't see Him...Enter into water said I
I am lost inside water ... Keep on swimming
He has held my hand He is taking me to a book (?? my thesis) Bhagwat Gita.
A fish has bitten me and I had to open eyes....
RN was keeping Bhagwat Gita at home using as stand for statue. Never touched even when suggested by her husband.
She came to seek help to complete her Thesis but Swamiji took her to read Bhagwat Gita..
SL was very happy to witness whole episode and shared her problems. She has recently moved out of her in-laws house since all of them were drinking along with her husband.
She was in stress and fear of her husband restarting alcohol.
She is doing regular pooja but not able to detach her from Maya of the Samsara.

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