Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Resurrection of Tarang

One evening during Sunset at Panchakanya Baba (Bhrigu Giri Maharaj) was telling a story of resurrection of a boy casually.
“Dilip came frantically with a sword (Daan) in hand in search of Baba after sudden demise of his only son at age two. Everyone in Panchakanya got scared. Baba was busy doing puja. After shouting for some time Dilip went into sleep.”
IMG_20170129_154102.jpgDilip family migrated from West Bengal. He was living a life of a punk and became Baba's Bhaka. A sadhu who was living in Dilip's house cursed him to be childless when a temple was not constructed according to his liking. Dilip did not marry since then.
Sabita came to study in Guwahati and got married without her consent to a manipuri boy who died within 15 days due to dog bite. Sabita came crying to Baba for a place to live. Baba suggested to stay at Dilip’s house in a hut left by sadhu. Dilip did not like it but could not help since it was Baba's word and Sabita was recalcitrant. After six year they got married in 1979.
Once Sabita came to attend a puja after bathing in Panchpushkarni Kund in Panchakanya Dham and sat behind Baba. After puja Baba threw a flower blessing for a child which fell on the lap of Sabita. She was blessed with a female child who died and then a male child who was 2 years when he also died.
Sabita and Dilip outraged in sorrow. Dilip locked Sabita in a room and went to Panchakanya. After puja when Baba saw Dilip sleeping with sword in hand, he gave a flower with all his past accumulated punya to revive the child.
It was more than four hours since child had died, relatives and friends were gathering for last rite. Dilip made a paste of flower and put on the lip of the dead child. Slowly child started moving his lips and then limbs which were cold and stiff. They started heating cold blue body of child with heated salt in cloth.
Tarang resurrected without any brain damage and living happily with his parents.
We visited with Maa and Basu on Jan 29th 2017.

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