Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Psychogenic Polydipsia and Black Shadow

Mrs S Shukla is 21 years doing MA english. She came from Jabalpur with his father and our old friend a Homeopath doctor for Past Life Regression.
S was suffering from compulsive psychogenic polydipsia, (drinking water) and polyurea. She has very low self esteem and unable to concentrate in studies. They have tried homeopathy, psychiatry, psychology, astrology, and any other method advised by friends.
They were planning to see me for 6 month which my sister and I was avoiding. I do not do PLR on demand but all my cases were spontaneous and surprise to me.
On 31st Dec 2016 they came late night by train and got up late. Our first session was very informal as usual sitting in front of devi in my spiritual treatment room I was narrating how this room was turned from a clinic to puja room in 2007.
There was sudden burst of crying spell which lasted for some time and then she started feeling cold. We covered her with two blankets and asked to close eyes and visualized she saw light and on guiding there was a glimpse of mouth of tiger, lotus, Devi Laxmi, Ganesh, Lord Shiva, Golden ornaments and himalaya.
She had fear of some black shadow with hollow eyes was watching and sitting. She also saw a side face of a young girl. There was fear throughout session but relaxed at the end.
Session lasted for one hour without any concrete answer except I came to know that she could be hypnotized.
Evening we sat in meditation I could go into deep meditation and expected her to go to meditation but she was sitting open eyes. There was no vision no fear. When I told about futility of session she burst into crying for long time and slept without food.
Next morning I was meditating in all four temples and asking to help me to find the answer. We did session upstairs in Kali Temple. I asked her to close eyes and visualize. But she lay down without any visualization. Her father went into deep meditation and saw same black figure scaring her mother when S was in womb and during her delivery. Her mother has passed away last year after long suffering from breast cancer.
After session was over I suggested Ms S to accept her body as it is and not to brood too much about her illness. She burst into anger and asked her father to leave the house immediately since no one was understanding her problem.
It was clear after these two session that there was a black energy chasing their family and causing mental and physical agony.
There is big task ahead for removing the black energy.
Dr Santanu suggested to start Clonazepam with Mirtazepine in the mean time to tame her down.
Effect of black energy on my home: First there was a small bajaj geyser stopped working, after they left two electric iron stopped working. I was having heavy heart with palpitation of impending fear and then developed sore throat and fever. Govind and Laxmi were getting nightmare. Govind was choked by an unknown person in dream and laxmi also got negative dreams.  

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