Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Can a man Suicide when possessed?

Dr D came to me to learn meditation.
Meditation is not to be learned like sleep, it is natural and when you learn to meditate you never continue unless it is a inner call I said.
Why do you want to meditate?
There is a reason she replied.
"I lost my husband three months ago. He was very nice person. Our relationship were very harmonious. He loved me very much. I received a call from him one hour before his death. It was devastating and unbelievable to hear the way he lost his life.
We came back from Cambridge, he was software engineer.  Not very happy after joining job in Delhi, but not sufficient to take his life.
My husband was living with his younger brother a friend. That evening he was alone, at 8.30 pm he called his brother. What time they are expected back. In 3 hours time they replied. When they came back home door was locked and found my husband body hanging from a half open door of a small room.
Why should he kill himself, was it suicide of homicide, what was the intention to kill such a innocent man.
He was very spiritual, meditating and would call me daily. I want to know who has killed him."
I explained her it is difficult, but if she goes in deep trance there is a possibility.
She went into trance by progressive relaxation. It was all dark, on guiding to go up in the sky she could fly for a distance then something was pulling her back.
Trying to regress her was also unsuccessful.
She decided to drop me back home.
On the way we were sharing our experience.
"My four year old daughter says my dad was killed she said. Some time she dreams of  a necked man coming out of wall and pull her hair. She is very scared of such experience. Second type of dream is of her father visiting her. And the third and most significant is Lord Shiva comes out of a photograph and sits near her bed. She is not scared to last two types of dream. She is mature for her age."
Shall I visit your home I said.
While going to her home she explained about her family.
"Six month ago I lost my father, he was admitted in GNRC and you had visited for alteration of consciousness. It was hyponatremia and later acute myocardial infarction he succumbed. He was healthy and there was no reason for him dying unexpectedly like this."
There is high suspicion of black magic for property. Practice of black magic is common in Assam. Mayong (Land of black magic) village of Morigaon district in Assam on the bank of Brahmputra 40 km from Guwahati was once considered as Cradle of Black Magic in the country.
During the medieval period in ancient India, Mayong is said to remain the Indian Capital of Black Magic and Witchcraft. 
Several stories and legends are there pertaining to the name Mayong. Here are some of them.[1]

  • Some people say the name Mayong comes from the word Maya since it is considered as the land of illusion.
  • When the five states of Northeastern region of India was under the common name Assam (except Manipur, Tripura and Sikkim),Dimasa people from the maibong clan inhabited there. The area, being hilly place, was full of elephant and the Dimasa word for an elephant is Miyong, hence few believe that Mayong was a corruption of the word Miyong.
  • Legend is that Mayong refers to “part of goddess Shakti”. Maa for mother shaktiOngo for part, hence the older generation calls goddess Maa.

Mayong is full of supernatural stories. It is said that people came from far off and abroad to learn magic here. Except a few, the spells were not written but passed from mouth to mouth from generation to generation. According to history, Narabali or human sacrifices were carried out in connection with the worship of Shakti till the early modern period. Excavators had recently dug up swords and other sharp weapons that resembled tools used for human sacrifice in other parts of the country.

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