Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Satya Sai and Mahavatar Baba and Ret General Taylor

While returning from Guwahati I met Sai Gouripala (He was my student in Cognitive Neuroscience in IIIT Hyderabad doing PhD) in flight from Bangaluru to Hyderabad on 7th Feb 2016. After listening to our Badrinath Yatra in July 2015 for meeting Mahavatar Babaji in Vyas Gupha on Guru Purnima .
He narrated his story back in 1990 when he was working in US. He had read Autobiography of Yogi. James one of his friend and a photographer wanted to visit India. Sai got leave for 2 months. James was told by a Retired Army General Taylor in Puttaparthi that he had a purpose in life during his last visit.
Sai and James with General went to Rishikesh to meet Mr Shyam who was calling General Taylor as Guruji. His house was a small temple of Lord Krishna. They all went to a Gupha called Patal Bhubaneswar near Nainital and met two yogi living there. They interviewed them. One of the yogi took Sai to a cave and shown picture of Mahavatar Babaji and said he is reborn as Yogi. He also introduced Taylor as Lahiri Mahasay reborn.
There was a pujari in the cave as 8th generation appointed by some King. He was local postmaster.
The second yogi was an astral traveller. He talked about Sai's mom's health problem. Sai was not too keen to stray away from his Sai path.
They saw a small Kali temple garlanded by army medals. In 19th CA British soldier ship was saved by Ma Kali, since then British army pay homage to Ma Kali with medals for saving their lives.
Gen. Taylor became Sai Bhakt after his driver was saved from fall in that area and later he had a dream of Patal Bhubaneswar. Swami mentioned about it that he had to do some job. Later General discovered and developed that area for more people to visit.
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